Congratulations do not come easy; graduating university, becoming school captain or earning a job after countless interviews. All valid reasons to be congratulated and applauded after months of effort or years of hard work.

Congratulations are generally meaningful and well deserved. It usually marks a special time in ones life, a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated.

Flowers and chocolates are easy but also expected. They cover personal congratulations but when it comes to a corporate or business gift things tend to differ.

Here at Hampers With Bite we really know how to nail a congratulatory gift. Our hampers in our settlement section are a perfect way to show how proud you are for ones accomplishments.


Between the Yes Way Rose Hamper and the Luxury Celebration Hamper there are many to choose from and a range of products included.

From alcohol, chocolates and even jam swirls, food and drink is a lovely touch when presenting a gift. Make it personal by buying for their taste while also complying to your budget.

Whether it is your husband, sister, daughter or your next door neighbour, these hampers are easy to buy for pretty much any body!

The uniqueness of a gift hamper makes it all the more special. It is likely the recipient has not received one before and the surprise will go greatly appreciated.

The hampers are not gender specific, nor are they designed for particular quantities. If it is a group effort they are the perfect sharable gift. Our smaller hampers also make a great personal gift for one.

Do not forget the final touch – a card of course! Write it down, pick some meaningful words to describe the way your feel as something special they can keep forever.

An edible gift may not make it past dessert, so a card is a nice momentum that can be kept and looked back on to remember the special time.

Our hampers can be ordered from the comfort of your couch. Order the perfect congratulatory gift and take advantage of our free delivery within Australia!


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