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Happy Hamper Reviews

I really loved using your service! Great variety of hamper options and a great range in pricing too. The free delivery is also great. My friend sent me a photo of her hamper very well presented and she loved it. I will definitely be ordering another hamper again soon. Thanks.
I ordered a very last minute job, and the hampers were delivered super quickly. The quality is great with positive feedback received from our customers. Hampers with Bite also added a branded ribbon that looked beautiful. Will definitely be ordering again!
I have been impressed with the selection of hampers available as well as prompt service and delivery. Your hampers are a great option for rewarding our staff members. Thank you very much
Hampers with Bite have been great. We recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary and sent gifts to our clients. Most were delivered the next day and really well presented. I received calls and pics from them as they were extremely impressed as well.
Totally reliable and great value. They are great hampers. i regularly send clients hampers and I have consistently being using them because of the great response by clients and for me its value & reliability with delivery has to be number 1.
I order a lot of hampers in my line of work, and Hampers With Bite was so simple and easy. There’s no annoying sign up, pester-y pop-ups, or frustrations that all other sites have. Ordered within seconds, I got an order confirmation and notification of arrival at recipient's address. Brilliant.
The timing was perfect and the hamper was very well received by my lovely friend - filled with delicious smelling goods to pamper her for her birthday! The communication between myself and the hamper coordinators was easy and quick and I was notified of everything during the process.
I have used Hampers with Bite on two occasions now and they have been excellent both times. Prices are reasonable, quality of the hampers are great and the delivery times are as fast as any offering in the market... Money well spent.
Amazing Range for all Occasions. This is the first time I have used Hampers With Bite. It was easy to order and pay for, the client received it the next day and they were  extremely happy with the hamper. Will use again for our out of town clients.
Such an easy and fast process with a lot of choices and my dad loved his present. Free delivery is great and the hamper was beautifully presented and delivered on time. I have a lot of family interstate and this is the perfect and reasonably well priced option for me!
It was my sister’s birthday in Melbourne, I’m in Tauranga NZ. This was a perfect gift, I chose the Epicure as my sister loves her wine. It was so easy to order and the free delivery was great. It was delivered on her birthday and she had a lovely surprise!
I sent to one of my oldest clients, the Beer & Wine hamper in a cooler with wheels. It was great value and the presentation was what I was after. As soon as the client received the hamper they were straight onto me stating how lovely a gift it was.

Why are we Australia's go to for Gourmet Hampers in 2020?

A gift speaks volumes of the spirit of the occasion and also, reflects your excitement for it. It is a silent communication of love and care, earning you a special place in the receiver’s heart. Every occasion is celebrated with the intention of sharing joy and making memories and gifts are a truly important part of them. Regardless of age, the smile and the little flutters felt inside while opening a present are priceless and extremely delightful to look at.

Whether it is a romantic event like Valentine’s Day or a joyful one like Christmas, Hampers with Bite aims to be a part of your memories and help you share your love with family and friends. Delivering the very best of quality and standard, and keeping up with the evolving trends, our team of experts is committed to turn your special events into extra special ones and to make your memories last forever.

If you’ve any sort of queries regarding our gift hampers, then continue reading below to get them answered.

  • What Types of Gift Hampers Can I Buy?
  • What to Put in a Gift Hamper?
  • Who Can I Give a Gift Basket To?
  • What are the Most Popular Gift Hampers?
  • Where Do You Deliver Gift Hampers To?

What Types of Gift Hampers Can I Buy?

We’re all about putting smiles on our customers’ faces and guiding them through every step of the way to make their days memorable. So if you’re confused about what to give your loved ones, don’t worry! We’re here to help you choose the right hamper for every occasion. Our vast wine hamper collection is an ideal option for corporate events. If you want to impress your boss, go for our luxury “Bourbon Edition” to have a major chance at that pay raise that everyone is struggling for!

Our wine hampers are premium choice for boosting that festive feeling every winter. They’re as large as a package of six bottles coupled with snacks and as small as a couple of bottles beautifully packed together in perfect theme. Covering the world’s leading brands, we have gone to great lengths to bring you the supreme quality wine collection including luxury hampers like “The Canadian Club Edition” or “The Gin Edition”.

Gifting to your friends and family means you’re putting your trust in us which is our most valuable asset. We aim to make your special events perfect in every way possible. If you’re planning to surprise your loved ones on their birthday, we have just the gift you need. Our carefully curated beer and other such products will help you share your happiness on a deeper level. Try our couple hampers to gift your newly-wed friends that are specified for two like “Two Persons Picnic Delight Hamper”; ideal for a personal picnic with your special someone.

Our cute bubbly baby gift hampers will add up to the joy of becoming parents. The basket of premium quality baby products is exactly what new parents need. Handing out a baby hamper shows how much you care and love the new being and is an ideal way to welcome him/her in this world. We believe in quality over quantity and no matter how small a hamper is, we promise to deliver perfection down to every detail.

At Hampers with Bite, you can find the supreme gourmet hampers perfect for any occasion. The lusciousness of chocolates and the class of a drink paired up in a basket shows our sense of style and is a perfect option to go above and beyond for your loved ones. We creatively combine the scrumptious snacks and drinks in a hamper to make it the hero of any occasion. Our hampers aim to receive the widest smiles from the receivers with their classic packaging and out-of-this-world quality products. Apart from alcohols, we also care for our customers who prefer non-alcoholic hampers. We gather everything that represents happiness and coziness in a basket to share it with your family.

For special days like Mother’s Day, we have separate categories for such hampers that truly reflect your gratitude to your parents and which can be used to share your love for them. The affordable prices will help you choose any package without worrying about your spending limit. We also offer a separate hamper group for your unwell loved ones. The “Get well hampers” contain everything to cheer up your sick friends or family. They are an ideal option to wish someone health and happiness. Our ‘Anniversary gift ideas’ will give you an insight to what to gift your spouse to reflect your happiness for having them in your life. Handing out corporate gift hampers at your next meeting or as a ‘thank-you’ to your dedicated employees shows your professionalism and is a symbol of team spirit. We provide the products that reflect professionalism and are an ideal option to boost up the confidence of your staff members.

Hampers with Bite is super concerned about what its customers are looking for and continues to improve the hamper collection. We also offer a full range of products specified to gender. “Hampers for him’ and “Hampers for her” categories will help you select the hamper according to the receiver’s interests. The amazing beauty products and other such items will blow you away. Each item has been carefully picked and paired up with other stuff that perfectly blend together.

Whether you need small packages to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day or large Easter presents to spread the widest smiles, Hampers with Bite has got you covered. Presenting you an entire range of products of various colors, styles and sizes to assemble the ideal gift basket, we pride in satisfying our customers with our level of care and attention to detail. All you need to do is visit our website and let us know your specifications and our team of experts will deliver exactly what you desire right at your doorstep.

Types of Gift Hampers Can I Buy

What to Put in a Gift Hamper?

Gifts are a true reflection of your love and happiness. They boost up the festivities by a huge degree and are a definite source of joy. Be it a single item or a basket full of them, gifts have their own way of making the moments memorable and to help you turn an ordinary day into a special one. If you’re thinking “What do I put in a gift basket?”, we have decoded the answer for you and brought you the solution to it. The answer is ‘anything and everything’! You may pair up a couple of items or load the basket with multiple products to show your intense care for your loved ones.

There is no specific rule to assembling a perfect gift hamper. The range of choices are countless, and you can let your creativity run wild. You may gather products which are in theme perfectly reflecting the spirit of the occasion or you could put multiple items in a basket to show diversity and to cover multiple interests of the receiver. The hamper size depends on the number of items you want to assemble. We present to you the entire range of items specified for every event to provide you ease in selection. Our ‘Mother’s Day’ hampers include chocolates and other snacks to bring sweetness to your relationship. If you’re unsatisfied with the choice of products in a basket, then you can customize the items according to your preference. You may add some premium beauty products for your mum to share your joy and to help her retain her beauty. Adding a drink and some other items that she loves will show your care and concern for her. Imagine her happiness on receiving a quality cheeseboard set with other accessories! Pair that up with a picture frame that will be a true reflection of your family bond, so that every time she looks at it, she’ll be reminded of the love shared within family members.

It is all hit and trial basically. You choose the items that you think blend well together and let its magic work to enhance your happy moments. The beauty lies in an appealing packaging and Hampers with Bite nails it every time. You may add gourmet items like crackers or some snacks with a drink to gift it to your boss and earn those cookie points!

Hampers may include anything which the receiver is interested in. They are not specified to food only but can cover every category of items from beauty products to picnic sets. Just get your creative juices flowing and surprise your loved ones with your attention to detail. chocolates are an ideal ingredient for any gift basket as they are loved by every age group. Same can be said for other gourmet items that will bring flavor to any event. If you’re aiming to gift your special someone, then go for ‘Gift for him’ and ‘Gift for her’ and customize it in your own style. Adding aromatic products like shower gels and lotions will bring about a soothing effect and are a perfect present for every season. Our ‘Happy Home’ hamper includes everything welcoming for a new home including picture frames, snacks and traditional cheeseboards.

A gift basket is a representation of what you feel. The excitement and joy are reflected directly through it. It shows how much you know the other person and helps you in being a special part of the most cherished memories. You can give a small hamper with just a drink and some snacks or you could assemble a whole package full of luscious food items, both will harvest the same amount of happiness and bring you the joy you truly deserve. Your friends and family always drop hints of what they’re interested in. All you need to do is ponder upon them and come up with a hamper that grabs their heart right away. There is no need to get confused with the countless options. As long as you’re focusing on what the receiver’s hobbies are, you’re good to go. For example, if someone likes painting, gift them a brush set and some exotic color paints along with earphones to help them relax while they paint.

Hampers with Bite has been providing excellence in quality and standard to its customers for more than 14 years, taking care of you on every occasion to help you earn the widest smiles from your loved ones. The premium products meant for any event will elevate the celebrations manifold. Our team of experts wants to satisfy all sorts of customers by covering every price point. No matter what size the order is, we pride in delivering your packages in the best possible way and in due time anywhere in Australia.

"A gift basket is a representation of happiness and makes your family time even more special"

Who Can I Give a Gift Basket To?

The answer to it is quite simple: Anyone! Gift is not specified for a particular category of people, rather it is a celebration of love and care for one another. Spending an evening with your friends calls for a comfortable ‘Snack Time Hamper’ to share the laughter and joy. The amazing wine products paired up in a basket are the ideal option for any corporate event or to gift it as a token of gratitude to your log-term dedicated employee. Impressing your boss has never been this easy. All you have to do is grab our wine hamper to remind your higher ups of the respect you have for them.

A gift basket is a representation of happiness and makes your family time even more special. For your coffee-lover friends and family, ‘Coffee Break Hamper’ is the ideal option, which helps you in boosting the morning energy and also, reflects your concern for your loved ones. It is an amazing gift to remind your friends of your care first thing in the morning. All hampers at Hampers with Bite can be used as a birthday present. Your parents are the most deserving of your attention. We bring you an exotic collection of Mother’s Day hampers to surprise your mother with your love. Sending a gift basket to your father on his birthday shows how much you think about him and haven’t forgotten his special day. A casual ‘Tea Time Hamper’ is the best thing to take along to a friend’s place to spread smiles while sipping tea.

We have a category specified for every event from birthdays to Christmas to anniversaries. No matter what the occasion is or how big the gathering is, we offer gift hampers at affordable prices to provide ease in shopping from the comfort of your home. Presenting a wide range of our greeting cards with your personalized message on it, you can convey the greeting with style and class.

The perfect option to make your memories last, we present to you our premium customization services. You can also present a gift hamper range to your clients to have a positive impact on them and let your company outshine others. Giving gifts to your customers reflects your concern for them and will remind them of your services in their special times. You may add beauty and relaxing products to their gift baskets and let them have their well-deserved ‘me time’. You can build up a basket of your own choice of products for anyone who will cherish your deep thinking. Our luxury hampers with supreme items will blow your recipients away, making them yearn for more!

A gift is meant to leave a mark on your loved ones’ hearts and minds. You need to go an extra mile to get something that will not only be received gratefully but also be remembered and cherished for a long time and that’s where we come in. Each gift basket at Hampers with Bite is assembled with care and concern by keeping in mind the products that are most in demand. The exquisite collection and combination of colors will grab the heart of your loved ones right away and allow your gift to stand out among many others. It is not all about what the items are, but their presentation is just as important. At Hampers with Bite, our team of experts doesn’t overlook even the smallest details and gives special attention to packaging. The exotic colors and high quality attract the eyes even from a distance.

Let your creativity speak for you and give out gift baskets to yield maximum happiness. Everyone deserves a basket full of love regardless of age. So grab the opportunity to earn the smiles of your loved ones by handing out the hampers of their choice. Check out the premium quality baby hampers to gift to a new born baby or make the ideal choice of giving amazing beauty products to your girlfriend. Make your Christmas special by sending a token of your love and share your celebrations with family and friends out of station. Utilize our fast delivery services by letting us know the addresses you want the presents to be shipped to and our efficient team will ship them right at their doorsteps within a couple of days. Hampers with Bite wants to deliver what the customers envision, being a part of their happy memories and enabling them to share joy with their family and friends. No order is too big or small for us but giving our clients the best quality products and standard services is what we live for. So put your trust in us to delight your loved ones with a well-thought gift on the next special event.

Can I Give a Gift Basket To

What are the Most Popular Gift Hampers?

Delivering quality and standard for more than a decade, Hampers with Bite prides in making its customers happy. Buying a gift means you’re entrusting us with your relationship and we aim to polish it in our own way. Presenting a wide variety of gift hampers to choose from and giving fastest delivery services all across Australia is what we’re all about. The best gift is the one which is cherished forever, and we have carefully combined the most memorable hampers to help uplift the spirit of celebration. From luxury hampers to gourmet ones, the high-end ones to regular ones, smaller hampers to the larger ones, we have brought you a vast choice of gift baskets to have an exceptional shopping experience from the comfort of your living room. One of the best seller hampers that is ideal for celebrating any occasion is our wine hamper that comes in an entire range. From a couple of bottles to a big batch, we have assembled some of the most attractive hampers that also include extras like snacks.

Tying knots with some of the most popular brands of the world, Hampers with Bite excels in surprising its customers with high quality products and attractive presentation. Our “The Wine Basket” hamper is an ideal gift for your boss and higher ups as a token of respect and remembrance on special events. The highly affordable “Sweet and Sour Hamper” is a classic combination of sweet memories and salty thoughts to give flavor to any normal day. One of the top seller gift baskets include our cheeseboard hampers that contain fancy snacks as well to munch along with premium quality cheese. Tipping more towards the elegant style, “The Sparkling Edition” hamper is one of the best ones out there giving a spark of class to a regular gift. We have combined the supreme drinks in hampers covering all price ranges to satisfy every sort of customer and to bring joy to their tables. One of the casual yet fun hampers is the classy “Cooler Tote Temptation” that includes a super quality tote bag along with a couple of snacks and a drink in an extremely reasonable price.

Looking for a classic gift for your spouse? Check out our one of the most in demand “Absolutely Aromatic Gift Hamper” that not only brings happiness and joy for the receiver but also brings a soothing and relaxing experience for him or her. The exquisite scent of body lotion and shower gels will help one relax after a tiring day and renders it the best gift for anyone in today’s fast paced world. Our team of experts has creatively assembled some of the most feasible hampers to help you target all of your family or office staff at an affordable price.

The premium “Happy Home Hamper” is a wise collection of everything that brings happiness to a new home including a cheeseboard, a picture frame, wax candle, chocolate raspberries, pretzels and tea blend that come in exquisite glossy packaging and decorative ribbons. Hampers with Bite also provides you the luxury of getting the items customized with your logo to reflect your position in the receiver’s heart.

We have conveniently placed chocolates and snacks in most of our hampers as they bring sweetness to the occasion and are loved by every age group. For more than a decade, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our quality and business to never let our customers be disappointed in any way. We believe in nurturing the trust that our clients have placed on us and making their special moments memorable with our one-of-a-kind gift hampers.

"Bringing people closer to one another and firming up their relations is what we’re all about"

Where Do You Deliver Gift Hampers To?

Occasions are an excuse to sit around your family and share the love with the ones who are closest to you. They are meant to be celebrated in their own special way and call for a perfect gift to be given to every member close to your heart. Whether they are beside you on any event or are miles away in another city, Hampers with Bite is committed to be with you no matter where you are. With our fastest shipping services, we bring the joy right at your doorstep across every nook and corner of Australia. Freeing you from the worry of having to go to each address, we have taken it upon ourselves to deliver the products of your desire to the addresses that you provide us.

No matter where you are, no matter how big or small the order is, our team is passionate in putting the biggest smiles on your faces. We are experts at beating time in the busiest days of Christmas and Easter to help share your happiness with your loved ones at the right moment. Our premium collection of hampers and the luxury to get them customized are what bring our customers back to us year after year. We pride in strengthening the bond with our existing clients and joining hands with the new ones to spread grins all across Australia.

Your happiness is our priority. We aim to deliver the best quality and standard services exactly how you have imagined and turn your dreams to reality. Bringing people closer to one another and firming up their relations is what we’re all about. We understand the need of quality products that make lasting memories and we deliver exactly that. Crafted with the top products and assembled with care in appealing baskets and boxes, Hampers with Bite aims to ship the packages in immaculate condition. We put care and love in every small item so that whenever you receive the box of your favorite treats, you feel unique and special.

Our customization services are our expertise that are done with special skills. You can have your logo imprinted on any of the items to remind your loved ones of the care that you have for them in your heart. The impact an imprinted ribbon gives while opening the present is a lot stronger than that of a simple packaging. We believe in serving diverse kinds of customers, enabling them to enjoy their special days to the fullest. Our end-to-end delivery service provides you the ease and comfort yet reflects your devotion and effort to make your loved ones happy. Combining, assembling, packing, delivering, there is no step difficult for us. Providing attention to detail and accomplishing every task with perfection, we ensure to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our hampers are ideal for every kind of event all year round, including items that are liked by all age groups like Australian beers and wines, chocolates and savory snacks.

The best products and the premium packaging are an ideal combination to impress your loved ones. Whether it is a birthday event or Christmas, Easter or a housewarming party, corporate gathering or Mother’s Day, Hampers with bite has got you covered. Making your ordinary moments extra special ones through love and being a part of your happiness, our team of experts aims to spread smiles in their own special way. We believe that gifts are an ideal reflection of the joy any event brings, and they are meant to be given with more frequency to refresh your relations and to communicate your happiness to the ones closest to you. Every item received as a gift is cherished for a long time rather than buying it yourself. It becomes unique, having particular delightful memories attached to it. Imagine the amount of happiness a basket full of these special items will bring to your loved ones and how strong of an impact they will leave on their hearts and minds. Hampers with Bite considers it its responsibility to harvest that level of happiness from his customers and spread joy all the year round.

Hampers with Bite works day in day out to continuously improve and to keep up with the evolving market trends. We tend to support our customers through every step of the way, presenting them with new ideas to assemble the gift box which will be the star of any event. We specialize in combining the products that go well together and complement any special day perfectly. Working our way to perfecting our gift packages, we have taken it upon ourselves to satisfy our customers with world-class services. So visit our website and let us help you cherish your joyous memories.