Work can a toll on you sometimes and make you stressed and fatigued. Or your colleagues act out and bash you for something you aren’t even responsible for. It’s okay. We’ve all been there and struggled to make things work out even on the toughest days. Which is why the concept of work-life balance has been revolutionized into work-life integration and calls for some requirements in order to simplify your life. We bring you some of the most effective tips and tricks to make your work space free of stress and anxiety, keeping everyone at their best behaviours. Have a look:


Keep your office green:

By green, we mean literally green! Bring in more plants to decorate your work space the healthiest way. You can gift your co-workers with mini table pots to bring in luck and some fresh air. Colours have a huge impact on our attitude and help us devise our personality. In order to keep yourself calm and patient, you need to surround yourself with green colour. This will refresh your mind and help you conjure positive thoughts. So that, even on the most stressful days, you can make yourself relaxed and keep your office environment stress free.

Encourage healthy munching:

One of the basic causes of stress and anxiety is grease and processed foods. Unfortunately, when at work, we tend to get hungry more and go for the unhealthy options first which causes more anxiety. Keep yourself happy and positive by having healthy snacks at your table. Encourage everyone to lead a balanced life by gifting them a snack hamper with healthier options. Bringing in everyone on the health loop will help you stay focused and motivated to make better life choices and continue your journey of being the best version of yourself.

Move, move, move:

We spend most of our days hunched over at our tables which result in physical stress and tiredness. The perfect way to find the ultimate relief from all sorts of back pains and muscle issues is to be up and moving about even at work. Replace your lunch breaks with walking sessions, and try to keep the right sitting posture by keeping your back straight at all times. Invest in a good gym or yoga class and encourage all your colleagues to do the same. This will develop an air of fitness and trigger your life in the healthier direction. Keeping yourself moving and grooving will not only bring health in your lifestyle but also, make it all the more fun!

Talk it out:

The first thing you should do when confused or overwhelmed is to talk it out. Let yourself be at ease by communicating with others. Share whatever is bothering you and encourage this habit in your work space to reduce stress. Sharing with others might help you find the right solution and give you an insight as to how to deal with a certain problem. Keep talking and sharing and make the work environment just as friendly as your home is.


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