While everything might seem to have come to a halt, the work continues. To keep up the working spirits alive and bubbly to the same level as before lockdown is an extreme challenge, often at which people desperately fail. Turning drawing rooms into offices, bed into the office chairs and snack breaks into sleep breaks, a lot has changed and is now taken as completely normal.

Being at home at all times is not an easy thing to pull off and can be mentally depressing. So how to keep your staff motivated at such times? Obviously, companies have come up with various strategies to keep the morale of their workers high. And we have scrambled the internet for you to bring you the most effective ideas to keep staff motivation and productivity extremely high during this lockdown.

Use more social media

This pandemic has brought about the importance of hanging out together. And such a feeling has
developed a new concept of being “alone together”. So keep up the spirits of your employees by using
social media together. Keep sharing pictures, videos, and memes to keep the air light and funny.
You may also use online meeting platforms to constantly be in contact with one another. The
collaborative power of social media can be a huge motivator and make people feel like they’re still
connected to each other like before.

Keeping up with the company’s culture is extremely important for its workers. It maintains the air of
professionalism and communication while having staff motivation extremely high. Assign specific time
slots to bond together with the team and get creative to keep the level of culture up and alive. Even
though employees may not be able to meet each other in the near future, but the use of social media
will make them feel like they can.
You may also arrange some weekly challenges to let everyone participate and feel rewarded when they
win. You can have a joint dinner session with everyone online.
You may also send them a snack gift hamper to let them enjoy munching while working from home.
Having healthy snacking options can really boost morale and if you send such gift boxes out to the
entire team, then their team spirit will be boosted by a huge degree. The point is just to get your creative
juices flowing!
Do you wish to make your employees feel extra special during this lockdown? Send them a thoughtful
and delicious snack hampers from the Work from Home Snack collection.
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Communicate more often

It is natural to feel isolated and lonely while being stuck at home. But this feeling can be readily ridden
off by communicating more among your team members. Call more often. Text more frequently.
Communicate more with your staff members to keep them updated regarding the office changes or
business strategies to keep your air more professional.
Send out weekly emails, guidelines, and strategies to make your employees feel connected to the
important discussions. This will help them stay focused on their assigned tasks and keep up the level of
productivity while in the comfort of their homes.
Such strategies will enable the workers to still be in the loop and keep the efficiency level constant. It
will also show that your higher authorities are considerate of your feelings and want you to deal with
this lockdown in the most efficient way possible.

Be open and transparent

Every company wants its employees to be well informed regarding the tiniest of changes in the
company’s policies. Only authentic communication and platforms will be able to give your workers the
level of trust you want to deliver. Such times where everyone is recommended to practice social
distancing, authenticity and transparency is the key.
You need to be open about your mental and physical condition. Keep your authorities informed of the
challenges that you’re facing during this pandemic. Such a gesture will comfort your workers and give
them the confidence to voice their problems in an effective way.
The higher authorities need to make sure that their employees are absolutely safe. Conduct video calls
with your employees on a weekly basis to be updated regarding their condition. Present them open
platform to voice their concerns and try to solve them in the best way possible. Such bonding will make
the employees feel a valued member of the company and will push them to do more than their

And that’s it! Keep your employees’ morale high by introducing strategies that can help them feel like a
part of the bigger picture. We all understand how difficult it is to work with constant efficiency while
being confined in homes. But with everyone in this together, we can definitely fight off depression and
keep up the productivity levels.


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