When it comes to gift-giving, there’s a fine line between showing the appropriate sentiment and sending a message that's a little off-base. And of course, corporate gifts are no exception.

The true art of gift-giving means keeping key relationships top of mind on every special occasion, especially for your important corporate connections. The right gift sent at the right time can strengthen your bonds with your professional networks and staff ( and even become the ultimate referral tool).

In the world of business, we all want to be sure we are applying the latest and greatest marketing strategies to help promote our brands. So it's no wondering that corporate gifting can come quickly become another 'To-Do' list task. In a rush to get the job done, the thoughtful sentiment of gift-giving can often be overlooked.

So how would you know if what you’re doing is the right thing when it comes to putting together a corporate gift strategy? At Hampers With Bite we are here to help with our Top Dos and Don'ts for creating the perfect corporate gift.
The Dos

Do Personalize your gift
If you want to properly demonstrate the true meaning of the gift you’re sending, we recommend adding a little touch of personalization. You don’t need to go overboard with time, money, or effort, a customized ribbon with your company’s logo across paired with a handwritten note would do the trick! All you need is a bit of creativity and you’re good to go.

Do Consider ALL Recipients

Corporate gifts can be more meaningful than they seem. Not only are they an opportunity to promote the sender’s company, attract potential clientele, and also develop strong bonds. And if you add consideration to the mix, it will become your jackpot! You need to be considerate of the receiver’s choice and interests. Don’t send gifts with hidden meanings or are gender-biased. Also, make sure you keep their health in mind. This will implant a negative effect of your company and the reputation damage will be out of the repairing boundaries. 

Do Focus on quality 

Now you might be rushing to send something considerate ASAP to your partners, contacts or colleagues. But in doing so, you might overlook the quality. And this will be a huge blow to your company’s reputation down the road. So make sure the quality of your corporate gift is never compromised as it is a direct reflection of your company’s culture and can be the ultimate source to make or break a deal with your potential clients.

Do Send something useful

Most businesses want to make their permanent mark in the receiver’s heart with their thoughtful gift. But they need to understand that sending a simple thank you note won’t do the trick unless it comes with something that the recipient can use. This will enable them to remember you for a long time and help you in making a strong image of your company. 

The Don’ts

Now, it’s time to focus on all the things you need to avoid to make your corporate gift serve its purpose in the best way possible. 

Don’t only think about holidays 

Well, as much as holidays gear up the giving spirits, it is not the most ideal time to stand out from the crowd. Because everyone is high on sharing and this will not put your brand in the spotlight. You need to think of the times other than public holidays to send out corporate gifts and show your clients that you’re willing to go the extra mile to keep the bonds strong. 

Don’t overspend 

As mentioned above, quality is way more important than any other gift feature. So don’t try to overspend on a simple gift as it can give mixed signals regarding your intentions. Moreover, the receiver might think that they need to repay you for the generosity. Just keep your gifts minimal yet classy, giving out positive vibes and fulfilling the purpose of making a stronger impression for you and your company.

Don’t over-promote 

We know corporate gifts have multiple meanings, and one of them is to market your brand effectively. But as much as you would want to imprint your logo on the box, it might come a little off when sending out a token of appreciation. Because most chances are that the recipient already knows you. So avoid overdoing the promotion part and show your sincere feelings towards the bonding that you have and cherish with your clients. 

And that’s it! These are the most basic etiquettes of sending out corporate gifts. Just apply the tips mentioned above and your gift will definitely crown you successful.

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