Once you enter the marketing world, the biggest achievement is to earn the voice of customer. Making your customers recommend your brand to others can be quite challenging but once you achieve that stage, your brand can rule the market for as long as you want.


Out of several marketing methods, you need to think smart to develop strong bonds with your clients to harvest their comfort and your success. We bring you some tips to earn the most deserving ‘recommended’ title without breaking your bank.


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Friendly Customer Service

Smiling costs nothing! Your priority should be making your customers comfortable enough to talk to you frankly and let you solve their problems. A friendly customer service attracts 80% more recommendations, building a healthy relation with your clients to help your company grow. Focusing on your company culture and keeping up a welcoming environment not only increases your sales but also makes your customers speak for you.

Be Fast and Efficient

Nobody likes to wait. There is no denying the importance of a friendly attitude but a fast response to queries is just as essential. While providing phone services, don’t make your clients hold for too long. Get someone right away or make sure you know all the basic company information to provide any reply instantly. In case of emails, check for any queries regularly and respond back as early as possible to give ease to your clients and earn their trust in your services.

Remember Your Clients

Your clients are a huge part of your success, so make sure to remember them on every occasion. Sending out a small gift hamper to your clients on Christmas shows your wish to celebrate every happiness with them! This leaves a strong impact of your services, earning it a place in their gatherings and helping you to be suggested to others. Being a source of definite success, a simple token of remembrance can help your company grow in the most professional way.

Gain Feedback

The healthiest route to propel forward in the business world is to gain feedback from your clients. Let them write down their experience and ask for suggestions. This shows your dedication to constant growth and success, making your customers believe in your promises and helping you earn the recommendations you deserve. One of the smartest marketing tactics, a constructive feedback gives you the direction to follow to a better future.

Offer Complementary Services

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Don’t just focus on what they ask. Build a trust bond with your clients by going an extra mile and giving them complementary services. You may offer free trials in exchange for a review to increase your brand exposure and have it recommended. A company that gives away complementary stuff or even a small hamper is remembered for a longer time and provides your customer the comfort they have been looking for.


Now you know some very simple tips to try to make your customers speak for you and recommend your brand to their family and friends.

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