So your employees and staff have worked all year long by your side, now is the time to show them that you care! Whether it is an end of financial year party, Christmas shenanigans or just a work anniversary, recognising your staffs loyalty and hard work is a really important part of any workplace. Feeling appreciated, recognised and like they are doing a great job is always ideal, and a cheeky gift is the best way to do just that. Check out our list below of the best ideas for some of our favourite staff gift idea


Cash money!

If you are a time poor boss with lots of staff to look after a sneaky pay bonus is always appreciated and never goes astray! The extra boost of cash can help your staff sort out those little life things that get in the way, or pick up something that that they’ve had their eyes on! However if you have the time, putting the effort into a personalised gift is always great.


This is again for the time poor boss but definitely adds a level of personalisation to your gift. If you know your employee loves make up, a Sephora voucher never goes astray, if they’ve just moved home, an IKEA voucher is really helpful, and so on and so forth. Just by knowing them on a personal level will show you really care!

A little tipple!

Especially around celebrations like end of financial year, Christmas or birthdays, who doesn’t love a little tipple to help get the party going! A bottle of lovely wine, champagne or their favourite spirit is a gift one doesn’t often by themselves and so is always appreciated. Also you can go the extra mile by personalising labels and messages!


Especially when welcoming a new team mate or waving goodbye to a staff member who has done a great job, a big gesture is wanted to help continue that strong relationship you have built. Don’t forget, employees and staff are most likely the biggest word of mouth advertising you have! A delivery of delicious gourmet food and drink is a great way to show your appreciation! Our range of hampers include with or without alcohol, additional homely gifts, and of course gourmet goodies that they will be absolutely stoked to receive.
Check out our corporate gifts or other gourmet creations for more gifting inspiration!



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