Christmas time tends to be hectic for everyone, whether you directly celebrate it or not, the craziness and hype surrounding  any public space, can make anyone feel as though they’re running without actually moving. Even more so, when working in a corporate environment, the end of the year is always the busiest time in the work year, tying up loose ends before Christmas break, combined with the craziness of Christmas prep can often get a bit overwhelming.

Then let’s not forget the most important one, combining the corporate with the Christmas, ahhh yes, two C words that when combined, can send even the calmest of us into a straight panic.  In case you’re thinking, “what on earth are they referring to” well, we’re talking about those gifts that you give to your clients and affiliates at the end of the year, yeah you know, the one’s that say thank-you for your business, or your help and so on. Anyone who’s ever had the responsibility of organising these gifts on behalf of a company can truly sympathise with how stressful and difficult this task can be.

So, you want to impress, yes? Yet you don’t have all the time in the world to go gift hunting, well look no further. We have the perfect solution, for any calibre of company and client. Nothing impresses more than personalisation and what we at Hampers With Bite like to refer to as, “Busi-ness to impress”.

Leave a lasting impression and add a little extra spark to your Christmas hamper with our vast range of options, where you can place your company logo across almost anything, well, not anything, but close enough.
Below we’ve shown you the options available for your perusal:


  Greeting Cards





Gift Box Sleeves




Cheese Boards


Beer Labels


Wine Labels


Wine Cases

The best part of all, how easy and non time consuming the process is!




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