Recently the Hampers With Bite team joined together to get back to nature. We headed out to the country and drove to the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria for some good old-fashioned bonding! Our team is all about not only hampers and bonding activities, but also rewarding ourselves for a job well done. Our team motto: work hard, play hard, and we live by this! We are so proud of our 2019 range of Christmas hampers this excursion was an awesome way to celebrate all together!


It’s fishing time!

Our team met on the Friday morning for an exciting day of… fishing! Our directors Rory & Nick Boyle have fond memories of visiting the beautiful Australian Rainbow Trout Farm with their own children and families and wanted to share these memories with the Hampers With Bite team. On this beautiful sunny day we celebrated a great year so far with a lunch at the farm and exploring the farm grounds. In true blue Aussie style, we were visited by kangaroos, emus and chickens during our lunch!

Heading to the farm!


After our delicious lunch we visited a farmstead in Emerald, Victoria for the second half of our adventure day. This is where the classic Hampers With Bite fun really began! Our team dove straight into a scavenger hunt, Farmer Wants a Hamper! This hunt was every team member for themselves and trust us, we are a competitive team! Each person needed to find all the hidden ingredients of one hamper – including packaging and decorative ribbon – and put it together for the judges, just like it would be presented to a customer! Once assembled, each hamper was judged and a winner was chosen based on speed, precision and presentation.



The rest of our relaxing day was spent meeting the animals of the farmstead, including horses, alpacas, sheep and cows. We also enjoyed a giant tyre swing and a game or two of Finska before retreating to the bonfire to enjoy roasted marshmallows.




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