Christmas is about family, friends, and pretty importantly – food. What is Christmas without a feast or receiving a tasty hamper of goodies from your employer? Our hampers cater to all markets and have the largest range of goods Australia wide. Christmas is the most celebrated time of year, and we’ve got you covered to help you have a memorable festive season.

It’s not uncommon to gain a few kilograms over the festive season, and thanks to Hampers With Bite, we’ve got a range of hampers to help you do just that. Although, if you have health restrictions we will speak to you confidentially to find a suitable hamper that will satisfy your needs this Christmas. The variety of hampers we have available will allow you to find the perfect gift you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve got a big family, our Christmas ‘Luxury Celebration Hamper’ is perfect for you! Even if your family isn’t all that huge, we guarantee this hamper will be devoured. The hamper consists of: crisp bread, caramel popcorn, chocolate coated coffee beans, pretzel puffs and rice crackers, just to name a few. A perfect feast of Australian goods, we think.

Our second pick is the ‘Tempting Treats Basket’. This hamper would be perfect on Christmas afternoon while relaxing after lunch. With Milk Chocolate Pretzels, Butter Shortbread, Strawberries and Cream, Milk Choc Raspberry Bites, and Sweet and Salty Popcorn you’ll be having a gourmet experience in your own home. Add some brie and maybe some blue, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous Christmas afternoon.

The ‘Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper‘ is a smaller hamper delivered in a glossy gift box with satin ribbon. This gift basket is perfect for providing gifts for those who wish to stick to a smaller budget. The basket contains all of the goods including Party Mix, Peanuts, Soya Crisps and Shortbread, as well as a bottle of Monty Hill Shiraz. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the lead up to Christmas without eating too much before the big day. Pace yourselves, we can’t be eating for the whole month of December.

Food is a perfect way to show your love and appreciation for clients, employees, or friends and family. You can’t go wrong with a hamper. There’s something to please everyone.

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