When it comes to spoiling your loved ones, there is no greater gift than a stunning Gift Hamper! Want to take it to the next level? Why not make it yourself!? While you could leave it to the professionals, creating a hamper from scratch allows you to personalise it specifically for the lucky receiver with whatever goodies you know they’d LOVE. And who knows, you may just find you have a knack for Gift Hamper making!


Make a Plan for your Gift Hamper

First things first, take a seat and plan out exactly what this Gift Hamper is going to involve. Start by considering your budget. Whether you are planning on making it a gourmet, lavish hamper or something full of treats that don’t break the bank, there are plenty of ways to make it unique and special. Deciding on the budget will allow you to have an idea as to where to go next when it comes to choosing the basket, a potential colour theme, and what goes into it.

For the basket itself, consider if you’d like a more rustic look, or perhaps a modern feel. You could go for a woven basket, a wooden box or a more simplistic cardboard box that you can jazz up with tissue paper and ribbon! TIP: make sure you find a basket that fits all of your items perfectly so that it appears fuller! This way you’ll save money on additional fillers like packaging or tissue paper to make it fit better.

It’s What’s Inside A Gift Hamper That Counts

Gift Hamper featuring a bottle of rose, chocolates, marshmallows and other lollies.

From there, consider the types of goodies that your loved one would enjoy. This will include thinking about their age, their interests and any dietary requirements. When putting this all together, a great idea is to follow a theme. This could mean you fill your hamper will all things pink, or maybe it features everything a beer lover would need for the ultimate night in.

Do they have a sweet tooth? You could create a hamper filled with their favourite chocolates, lollies and other sweet treats. Or are they a major self care/pamper fan? Some bath salts, a face mask and a plush robe could be their dream hamper! Perhaps they’d appreciate a mix of all of these things! Why not include some snacks, a bottle of wine, a candle and even some fuzzy socks – we can’t think of anyone who would turn that down. The options are endless!

The Finishing Touches

Gift ribbon in pink, gold, blue.

Once you’ve got all your special items organised, it’s time to put it all together and arrange it nicely. Fill in the gaps with some small decorations like baubles, and add matching tissue paper, cellophane and ribbon to finish it off. The goal is to make it look as professional and lavish as possible!

Don’t Forget The Card!

Image of white gift card and brown envelope.

The final touch of any Hamper is, of course, the gift card! This will make your gift even more meaningful and allow you to express your feelings to whoever the lucky recipient is. But don’t worry, the message can be short and sweet – let your amazing Gift Hamper do the rest of the talking!


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