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When you work a 9 ‘til 5 there are some weeks where you are hanging out for the weekend. Yes, we hate to say it, but some weeks we do live for Friday night drinks. As much as Friday nights can get rowdy, December’s party season is really where employees will be blowing off steam. As businesses get ready to close for the holiday period many will turn to celebrating their clients, customers and staff with a good old-fashioned Christmas party. Here is our list of the best kinds of Christmas parties for smaller businesses!  

Mini golf

It’s time to putt your stuff at your office’s Christmas mini-gold tournament! While old school mini-golf isn’t exactly the most exciting options there are so many venues that host adult parties with booze! With a cocktail in one hand and a golf club in the other, it might sound like a recipe for a disaster, but really they are the most fun afternoons!


[caption id="attachment_817179" align="aligncenter" width="401"] Happy multicultural friends sitting at home, laughing, singing, and having fun on karaoke night.[/caption]

­Scream, shout and let it all out at an end of year karaoke party! Booking a small room is the perfect way to blow off steam with a small group. Perhaps you could even cater for yourselves! A Cheeseboard Entertainer Hamper for example will keep energy high all night long.

Office Party

If going out isn’t going to work, or there is only a handful of you, then deck out your work space and just kick back! Fuelling your workers with some hearty snacks and gourmet food, as well as a little tipple, is a great way to wind down on the final day of the year.

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