If you’re organising the office Christmas party it can either be a major burden or the best time ever, that’s why we have put together a cheat sheet of the 5 best party ideas! Get your colleagues together and get ready to celebrate the years end with our top party tips below!  

1. Escape Room

If you just can’t get enough of your colleagues, lock them into an escape room experience with you! The idea is that as a group you are locked into a room and must solve puzzles, riddles and find clues to escape. Not only are they thrilling, but they really do build great team rapport and communication skills as well!

2. Office Olympics

[caption id="attachment_817213" align="aligncenter" width="401"] Colleagues playing table tennis at creative office space.[/caption]

Pit colleague against colleague in a battle of office Olympic skill! Your whole team will come down with a case of Olympic fever as they compete for prizes. Games such as interoffice biking, snack gymnastics and office chair races create a whole lot of hype and are super fun.

3. Around the World Potluck

Skip the expensive restaurant bill and learn more about your diverse team with an ‘Around the World’ themed potluck! Celebrate diversity and honour cuisine’s from around each team members background. It’s a great way learn more about the people you work with everyday.

4. Office Awards Show

[caption id="attachment_817215" align="aligncenter" width="401"] Group of Asian Business people celebrate for trophy, reward, winner, champion and teamwork successful concept[/caption]

Inspired by one of the greatest award shows of all time, the ‘Dundies’ (named after fictional middling paper company Dunder Mifflin), celebrate your team with personalised awards! Start with employee of the year and then branch out to the friendliest team member, best smile, most creative and most outgoing to celebrate each of them individually!

5. In House Christmas Party

Instead of heading out, stay in! Save money on venue costs and instead let afternoon drinks flow into a late night get together in the office. Catered with delicious Hampers with Bite Christmas hampers and a selection of beverages and you are set! Shop our range of Christmas hampers before it’s too late this December!

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