As 3:00 PM rolls around each day, most employees will start to look for a quick-pick-me-up or snack to help them get through the rest of the day. Sometimes (and we are definitely culprits of this) they aren’t always the healthiest of options! Being surrounded by gourmet food all the time we have learnt which snacks aren’t so great, and which actually help keep our energy levels up. Also, keeping an array of snacks at the ready will help keep staff energised and at their desk, rather than roaming for the perfect bite to eat!

Check out below our top 10 healthy snacks that your staff and employees will love!

1. Popcorn

Starting with our personal favourite, a healthy snack that doesn’t feel healthy! Popcorn is a great option for when you just feel like nibbling or grazing. We love the Serious Food Co brands they have the most delicious popcorn to keep us happy and is available in the Snacks With Bite Snack Boxes Air-popped corn without added butter or salt is definitely a lower calorie way to keep energy levels up.

2. Fruit

A selection of fresh fruit is a great healthy option. Fruit can be dressed up or dressed down! A fruit bowl in a communal staff area will definitely get eaten, or you can add a selection of compotes, toppings, or natural sweeteners (like honey) to create their own fruit salads!

3. Crackers and dips

There are so many kinds of dips that are just as delicious as they are healthy. Some of our favourites are flavoured hummus (adding olive oil or chilli), as well as sweet potato, beetroot or pesto. However, we all know the the crackers are the best part! Salt & River Fine Foods have a selection of crispbreads and crackers like no other. Including olives, fig, hazelnuts and so much more. An addition in many of our hampers, Salt & River are the way to go!

4. Smoothies

If you’ve got a blender, you’ve got a smoothie! Our top tip is to stack the office freezer with a selection of ingredients. Things like frozen fruit, ice, and spinach. Then print out some easy-to-make smoothies in a recipe book. You will be surprised at how many employees stay in to create their own, rather than heading out!

5. Dipped Almonds

This is the Hampers with Bite team turn to one of our favourite snacks… Little Darling Food Co.! Their range of salty snacks are a great afternoon pick-me-up. Our favourites are the honey roasted cashews! Available in some of our favourite gift baskets, these will definitely keep your office-snackers happy.

6. Yoghurt

A great snack that’s a little bit sweeter is yoghurt! Keeping small pots of natural yoghurt flavoured with fruits is so easy to stock and snack on in a hurry.

7. Protein balls

As much as we all are chocolates number one fan, sometimes the healthier option is the way to go (only sometimes!) The protein balls available nowadays are less protein powder and more real, natural ingredients that will give a burst of energy and keep you feeling fuller for longer. We like to keep a few Chocolate & Coconut Springhill Sweetballs from the Reopen Ready Variety Snack Box around to beat that 3:00 PM slump!

8. Olives

A healthy snack whilst feeling oh-so-fancy? Look no further than olives! Our favourites are our Olive Garden selection of plain and marinated olives, the perfect savoury snack. Add this to any staff gift hamper or basket and you’ll definitely find them snacking!

9. Trail mix

Ditch the old school scroggin for a delightful bowl of trail mix! Mixing up nuts, dried fruits and some smaller pieces of chocolate (or if you’re feeling very healthy cacao nibs) create a delicious snack for everyone. We love the Brookfarm Bar Toasted with Cranberry & Macadamia from the Snacks With Bite range.

10. Veggies

We have saved the healthiest for last, good old-fashioned vegetables! Cut into bite sized pieces they can be served on their own or with a selection of toppings such as peanut butter, dips, or pesto’s for a flavourful snack.

Looking for an option that covers all your office snacking needs? Check out Snacks With Bite,  for remote work or office delivery of healthy, delicious snacks that any employee would enjoy! With a choice of bars, chips, jerkies, chocolate-covered treats and more, Snacks With Bite has you covered.

Discover more here: https://snackswithbite.com.au/

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