Hampers make the perfect gift no matter what the occasion. Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, a get-well gift, sympathy, Mother’s Day or even anniversary gift, everyone would want to receive a hamper. A gift hamper is an ideal gift when you don’t know the person very well or for your closest loved ones. Creating a hamper and knowing what to put in a gift hamper is no easy task. For over 16 years, Hampers With Bite has been Australia’s best gourmet gift hamper company for all occasion.

So what to put in a gift hamper?


Premium Chocolates  

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Sweet Treats

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Savoury Nibbles

Do they have a preference for sweet or savoury? If they prefer savoury, we suggest stocking your hamper full of tasty nibbles from pretzels, salty nuts, crisps, popcorn and other salty snacks. These kinds of snacks are great as an accompaniment with and bottle of alcohol you include in the gift,

Beer, Wine or Spirits  

Whether they are celebrating a birthday or special anniversary, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bottle of sparkling wine or champagne. If they are wine lover, a bottle of red or white depending on their preference is also a good idea to put in a gift hamper.

Luxe Pamper Products 

When we think of gift hampers, people usually only think about food and drink hampers. Ensure they feel extra special adding aromatherapy products such a candle, diffuser, hand cream or soap to the list of what you put in your gift hamper.

How Do You Package and Present your Hamper?

When putting together a gift hamper, a great deal of effort should be put into the presentation and packaging. Start with a glossy box with a lid or a beautiful satin ribbon. If you want to impress, consider presenting your hamper in a reusable basket, tote bag, picnic basket or keepsake box. That way, your gift leaves a lasting impression long after the gift was received. Also, don’t forget the colour!

Ideas on What to put in a gift hamper from Hampers With Bite 

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