Gift baskets are the gifts that keep on giving. Call it gift boxes, gift baskets, or gift hampers, these packages of happiness usually contain food, beverages, and other items that anyone would be delighted to receive.

So what do you put in a gift box?

Gift baskets are beautifully assembled, decorated, and its contents carefully curated. What you put in a gift basket or gift box is entirely up to you. Even pre-packaged gift hampers can be customized and personalized to your liking. These gift boxes may also be designed and put together in theme with the season or your reason for giving. You may decide to put personal items that your recipient will definitely appreciate or you may put gratitude items for your customers and clients as a gesture of care for continued business.

Gift boxes are also great as celebration gifts. Whether you’re giving the gift for someone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or for acquiring a new job or home, these gift boxes, gift baskets, or gift hampers are versatile enough to cater to any occasion.

If you’re on a tight budget and looking to save money, you may opt for pre-packaged gift hampers. Hampers with Bite offers Gift Boxes with prices that start as low as $25. Even at a lower price point, you are guaranteed quality and premium gift items in your gift boxes. Hampers with Bite Gift Boxes are premium, classy, and elegant. You will be proud to send a Hampers with Bite Gift Box no matter the occasion.

Hampers With Bite gathers only the best gift items and assembles them in beautifully decorated gift hampers that will truly inspire, delight, and leave your recipient in awe. Our gift boxes contain a variety of items that everyone will love! Check out our suggestions below for what to put in your gift boxes and check out our full range of items and gift hampers at Hampers with Bite. There’s definitely something in there for everyone.

Send the Gift of Care and Wellness

A gift could also be a Pamper Hamper. Pamper Hampers are self-care sets that delight the senses, soothe the mind, and indulge the body. A pamper hamper gift box features items that create a spa experience, food that will excite the taste buds, and tea and scents that prepare you for a most relaxing sleep. Hampers with Bite offers a selection of luxe pamper hamper items that will truly reward your recipients with the ultimate relaxation that they deserve.

Our Luxe Botanica Collection includes an opulent scented candle, luxury bath salts, and a Rose Scented Soap that will not only relax and calm nerves but also re-energize and moisturize the skin. Our Bubbles and Slippers Hamper offers a pair of White Fluffy Slippers designed for tired soles and toes, the Adobe Aroma Diffuser to fill the room with scents, the Vitale Wellness Bergamot & Ylang-Ylang Bar to refresh and reawaken the senses. It also comes with a 6Ft6 Prosecco Rosé NV paired with a mix of the opulent Cacao Boutique White Chocolate Raspberries, Little Darling Milk Chocolate Raspberries, and Basil + Barrow Peanut Butter Nuggets.


Whiskey and Gin for the Win!

As an alternative to wine gift hampers, Gin Gift Boxes are gifts that exude elegance and class. Gin always comes in beautiful bottles and are perfect presents for any occasion. Whiskey is a great choice as well. It’s luxurious but not too expensive, it communicates style and sophistication, and it’s a gift that can be enjoyed over time. Whiskey does not lose its flavour once opened and has a pretty long shelf life. Everyone appreciates a whiskey gift.

Hampers with Bite, offers a variety of gin box sets and whiskey gift boxes. Our experts here at Hampers with Bite packed them beautifully with a delightful set of items that elevate gift giving to another level.

For starters, check out our Botanica Gin and Robe Hamper. This is a perfect pamper hamper for the gin-loving women customers. Packed in a glossy gift box with the word ‘Enjoy’ in gold foil on its sleeve, this gorgeous hamper is an indulgent journey into a relaxing ‘me time. Picture this—fresh from a relaxing bath after a long day, she wraps herself in a Luxe White Satin Robe (that comes with its own Navy Satin Bag), the scent of her favourite essential oil fills the room via the Botanica Collection Aroma Diffuser as she lights the Botanica Collection Soy Candle. She then pours herself a glass of the most exciting Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin, puts on her favourite music, and she is immediately transported into a world of pure bliss.

Our Four Pillars Collection is curated by gin experts for your gin-loving clients. This gin box set is the ultimate in gin hampers. Packed with its own Premium Decanter and Double Glass Set and its own 2 piece Marble Coasters, this gin hamper showcases the distinguished and exciting Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin. Your recipients will find this delightful, exciting, and will remember your thoughtfulness forever.

Our Johnnie Walker Collection features the Johnnie Walker Double Black Scotch Whisky, a premium Whisky Decanter with 2 Whisky Glasses, and a set of 2 Marble Coasters. We also added in the Little Darling Food Co. Milk Chocolate Pretzels and the Basil + Barrow Salted Pretzels for the nibbles in between sips. Hampers with Bite whiskey hampers already come with a set of sweet and savoury treats like chocolates, pretzels, crackers, and nuts.

Our Grand Blue Label is the ultimate in luxury. It features the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whiskey. This hamper dazzles in sophistication. As if the Johnnie Walker Blue Label isn’t enough, this hamper also features the Dom Perignon champagne and a selection of sweet and savoury treats. You’ll never go wrong with this one!

Gift Boxes are a great way to showcase your taste and make your recipients feel your care and appreciation. It’s easy, hassle-free, and can be done remotely, in the comforts of your home or office. Hampers with Bite delivers all across Australia. We make sure that your gift boxes arrive intact, beautiful, and on time.

Send a Hampers With Bite Gift Box today!


Make it Fancy with a Pair of Wine and Cheese

Everyone appreciates a good bottle of wine paired with a selection of cheese and treats. It’s the simplest gift to give but also the most classy and elegant. Cheese shows your good taste, is super delectable and tasty, and can be enjoyed with the perfect bottle of red or white.

Hampers with Bite offers artisan cheese boards and grazing boxes. We have assembled only the premium cheeses and nibbles that will surely satisfy your epicure clients and customers. Our Epicure’s Cheeseboard is one of our best selling gourmet hampers.

This is the most delightful gift for your cheese-loving, wine-drinking friends and clients. This jam-packed hamper features a Premium Wooden Cheese Board, a bottle of Sage Hills Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, a bottle of Sage Hills Shiraz, Crackerthins from Salt & River Salted Pretzels and Rice Crackers from Basil + Barrow, The Valley Foods Roasted Salted Australian Peanuts and its Original Soya Crisps. We even include the Abode Essentials Pink Himalayan Salt Grinder as the cherry on top. This hamper is truly a dream!

Our Red Wine Grazing Box will not disappoint. Packed in a beautiful glossy gift box, this all occasion hamper comes with pretzels, peanuts, soya crisps, crackerthins, and cookies.

Hampers with Bite also offers Homewares Hampers are super elegant and classy and feature a wonderful selection of champagne and wine bottles, premium gourmet cheese boards, opulent tea sets, and coffee gift baskets.

Make Someone’s Day with Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea are a great way to share warmth and good vibes. Tea sets are classic and unique gifts to give with its endless variety and one-of-a-kind taste experience. Enjoying a cup of coffee is always a well-loved ritual that goes with our everyday routines. Everyone takes their coffee rituals seriously. This is why coffee is such an amazing gift to give. You’re not just giving your clients a gift, you also get to improve the vibe of their mornings. With Coffee and Tea Gift Boxes, your gift recipients will enjoy, relax, and feel the warmth and love in every cup.

Hampers with Bite Coffee-centered Gifts and Tea Gift Hampers are the perfect gifts for your friends and clients. They will surely enjoy our wide range of premium tea gift baskets. Consider our Opulent Tea Collection. This ultra-sophisticated tea box set features 6 deliciously vibrant flavours from the Opulent Tea Blends Collection. We also added in a Tea Storage Canister for their tea organizing needs. This gift speaks of warmth and comfort and will definitely be a hit among your clients.

If you want to add an extra oomph to your tea set gifts, our Tea Essentials Home Hamper may exactly be what you’re looking for. The Tea Essentials Home Hamper features a tea gift set of Chai and French Earl Grey Tea from Opulent Tea Blends. This hamper is made even more luxurious and elegant with homeware gift essentials such as the luxe hand wash and premium washcloth, an aroma diffuser, decadent goats milk soap, and the uber-luxe Vitale Wellness ‘Indulge Me’ Bergamot & Ylang-Ylang Hand Wash. This gift hamper just brings in the warmth and comfort you would like your clients to feel.

The ultimate in coffee gift baskets is our Espresso Martini Cocktail Hamper. This wildly decadent coffee gift box features the Lexington Hill Espresso Martini. We give you two bottles of this famous Melbourne-roasted cold drip coffee blended with vodka, creme de cacao and sugar syrup. Pair that with the Little Darling Food Co. Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans and you have the best coffee gift basket for all occasions.

Hampers with Bite also offers a long list of gift hampers that are great for your coffee-loving clients. Our First Class Decadence gift hamper, the Pink Moet Champagne and Wine, and the classic Grand Blue Label Gift Hamper all include the Johnston St. Coffee Roasters Coffee Beans and the Opulent Tea Blends Orange Spice Tea. The Luxury Foodie Gift Hamper and the Sweet Share Chocolate Gift Hamper both feature the Little Darling Food Co. Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans.


It’s Chocolate!

Chocolates are the most versatile gifts. Chocolates are not only rich but also rich in tradition and meaning. Sending Chocolate always means that you value the recipient and you appreciate having them in your life. Hampers with Bite offers the best premium gourmet chocolates. Our chocolate hampers are beautifully assembled with a medley of crackers, nuts, and other snacks that go well with our selection of wine, coffee, or tea.

Checkout our Sweet Share Chocolate Gift Hamper. This sweet treats hamper is jam-packed with premium chocolates, marshmallows, cookies, fruit bites, and nuts guaranteed to wow every sweet-toothed craving! So decadent! Our All Things Golden Hamper is a fabulous gift hamper that is not only a chocolate lover’s dream but also a self-care, full-on, spa extravaganza.

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