Summer is well, and truly here, so grab a picnic rug, a group of closest buddies and head to your favourite outdoor location for a fun-filled picnic. Avoid crowded restaurants and bars, and create memorable moments with your friends drinking your favourite summers sips and favourite nibbles in the fresh air. Whether it be the beach, park or by the river, we have put together a list of summer picnic must-haves ahead of Australia’s long weekend. Charge your phone and dress your best as you’ll have the most instagramable summer picnic set up.


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Create A Cheeky Cheeseboard

Keep it classy with a delicious cheeseboard. Cheeseboards are similar to an antipasto plate or charcuterie board, basically a picking platter with cheese and deli foods. The best part about a cheeseboard is that no cooking is involved, it is all in the presentation. We recommended including crackers, bread, dip, at least two different kinds of cheese, some fruit, nuts, olives and charcuterie meats. Cheeseboards are completely customisable, and you can include all your favourite nibbles. People never say no to chocolates or lollies why not add some of your favourites to the board as well?

Pack The Perfect Picnic Basket

The picnic basket is what carries all items from the car, uber or however you travel to your picnic destination. Some things you should pack into your basket are glasses, cups, bowls, plates, cheese knives and a few bottles of water. You may want to keep the rest of your drinks in an esky with some ice to ensure your beverage of choice stays cold throughout the afternoon. Any food that doesn’t need to remain cold can also be placed into the picnic basket, the bigger your picnic basket, the better. No one wants to be carrying multiple bags to and from the car.

Don’t Forget Drinks

Everyone loves a boozy picnic, but it is important you make appropriate drink selections for you day in the sun. Firstly pack water, spending the entire day outside leads to dehydration, especially if you are indulging in alcoholic beverages. It would also be wise to pack some soft drink or juice for those who prefer to skip out on the alcohol. Leave some room in the picnic basket, by bringing single-serving ready to drink bottles or cans, to avoid the needs for cups. Seltzers are ideal for a picnic as they are made from sparkling water, which keeps you relatively hydrated are generally one standard drinks so you can keep track on how much you are indulging. There are so many flavours to pick from lime, raspberry, mango, grapefruit and more, so if you are sharing drinks, there will be something for everyone.

Music Makes The Atmosphere

It is all about creating a chill atmosphere, and nothing creates this better than a summer playlist. We recommend packing a wireless speaker, preferably fully charged. A speaker with no battery isn’t much use. Get everyone to request a few songs in the lead up to the picnic so you have something everyone will enjoy. If you are looking to keep everyone entertained, bring an outdoor game like finska, Jenga or even a card game to get everyone up and socialising.

Summer Picnic Attire

Picking the perfect outfit for a day outside is no easy task. Rule number one is to pick something that is comfortable, especially when sitting, walking or even reclining on a picnic rug. Of course, you’ll check the weather forecast, but we recommended bringing a jacket in case the weather turns.

Looking for the perfect picnic basket?

Check out our The Entertainer Basket. This premium cream fabric basket is filled with an impressive selection of beverages and delectable treats. Pop open the Lunar Lane Sparkling Wine, Zonzo Estate Pinot Noir, and 6Ft6 Pinot Grigio, and delight your guests with Olive Garden Green Olives, Cacao Boutique Dark Chocolate Roasted Peanuts, Sugar Street Party Mix, The Cookie Collective Butter Shortbread Cookies, and more. It’s a hamper that ensures a memorable and entertaining experience, perfect for any social gathering or celebration!

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