We all know how intimidating it can be to choose the right gift for your colleagues and the boss. But don’t worry! We bring you the right choice that nails every occasion to make your mark in your client’s heart and memories. The best way to nail your gift every time is by choosing food. Giving a food hamper is the perfect way to strengthen your bonds with your co-workers on a much deeper level. But what to put in a food hamper? To answer this, we present to you some of the most awesome ideas to make your moments last forever. Have a look:


Wine or beer:

What’s a celebration without a drink? The cheering buzz and festive happiness can only be brought if you choose to decorate your food basket with a classic drink. Not only will it make your gift hamper an ideal one but also, make you an important part of your friend’s celebrations. So that, every time they present a toast or drink to their happiness, they’ll be reminded of you. In order to celebrate a successful business deal or your colleague’s promotion or even to encourage the new employee to keep on doing their best, a beer or a drink is the perfect choice.

Cookies and chocolates:

Bringing a sweet touch to your gift and sugaring up the festivities, chocolates and cookies are the perfect addition to your gift hamper. Not only will they be an ideal snack to munch on but also, make a strong statement for your care and concern. Chocolates make an ideal option to make your basket extra sweet. I mean who doesn’t love a little classy treat? Keep up your team’s spirits by handing them a dessert basket full of munchies and snacks for them to have on the go.

Cheese and gourmet crackers:

The perfect solution to all your problems: Cheese! To balance the sweetness in your basket, you may go for salty and savoury cheese and other handmade crackers to gift a complete basket of flavours. There are million choices to choose from that enables you to add a crunch to your meal. For fitness freaks, choosing protein bars is the right option to truly make your mark. Add some cheesiness to your basket and watch your happy moments increase by tenfold.

Cocktail mixes and supreme matches:

What better idea than to mix and match different nuts with whiskey bottles to make your basket stand out among all other gifts. The ideal collection of all sorts of munchies and drinks together with the party poppers lets you celebrate even the smallest of achievements with loudest bangs! Go for something that elevates the mood of the office and spice it up with a classic whiskey bottle. Not only will it be an ideal gift option but also enable you to make lasting memories with your colleagues.
So what are you waiting for? Make your gift basket a special one by choosing any of the above food options and celebrate your day with full zeal.


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