It could be a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day – when shopping for a special lady friend of yours it’s ideal to add in a touch of romance, to let her know that you care. Finding something that adds a touch of romance, but is also thoughtful, can be a tricky task. Not to worry! We’ve put together a list of the 5 top romantic gifts for her!


Love poems

Poetry is no longer what you studied in high school English class. It is now the language of love enjoyed by all and a thoughtful gift sure to sweep her off of her feet. World-renowned Colombian poet, Pablo Neruda, was awarded a Nobel Prize for his book full of romantic words for her. Love Poems is a short collection of romantic poetry that is truly beautifully written.

Personalised jewellery

Jewellery might not be synonymous with a ‘unique’ gift. However adding a personalised touch can help make it less last-minute thought and more meaningful! Engraving initials, anniversary dates, or secret nicknames is the perfect way to DIY romantic gifts just for her.

Custom map

Capturing a memory can be so enchanting. Also, you remembered in the first place! Your first date, engagement spot, or wedding venue are also great ideas to map out. The Night Sky creates a custom map of an intimate location that is special to just the two of you. Making it seem like the you are the only ones in the world!

Homemade gifts

Romantic gifts for her can always be drawn back to the homemade, it’s simple! DIY gifts will always pull on the heart strings. A scrapbook or photo album full of memories shared can be a perfect way to walk down memory lane together. It’s time to get DIY-ing! For less than a couple of coffees take your special photos together out of the Cloud and into her hands.

Hampers With Bite

Sharing together an experience will always be able to create a lasting, romantic memory. Hampers With Bite can be the start of a picnic-date like she has never seen before! Delicious food, wine, and awesome company will be a day to remember!


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