Meet the artist behind our 2022 Christmas Packaging

  Here at Hampers With Bite, we LOVE Christmas for two reasons. One, because it’s a time of gift giving! It’s safe to say we’ve poured our utmost love and jolly soul into creating a gorgeous range of gift hampers for you to give to your loved ones this silly season.  Not only is Christmas a time to give gifts but it’s also a time to come together, and on that topic we want to introduce you to a very special artist collaboration we had this Christmas…  Meet Natalia! We reached out to the glorious yet very talented local Melbourne artist to create a beautiful box design for our Christmas range. Inspired by a Scandinavian Christmas, Natalia absolutely sleighed our box designs this Christmas. What better way to get to know the brilliant mind behind this collab than picking her brain? Read on to see where she got her inspiration from to what's her favourite hamper from our newest Christmas collection!   

Tell us what excites you about our collaboration together for Christmas.

I’m very excited that a local brand like Hampers With Bite sees the value in collaborating with local artists in the creation of their packaging for their truly unique hampers. This not only highly elevates the quality and sustainability of their products but has a great impact on the manufacturing environment of Australian made products, as well as the exposure of the artist.    

Can you tell us a bit more about the creative process? Also what led you to creating a Scandinavian Christmas theme packaging for us?

In my process quantity in more important than quality. First, I go through an ideation phase using a digital illustration program for Ipad called Procreate.  With this very handy tool, I quickly sketch ideas and test palettes and do a lot of play. At this point I like to share my best ideas with the client and involve them in the creative development early on so that we are both aligned, and it gives them the opportunity to have an input on the process. Sometimes the best ideas come from the client themselves cause they’re so close and familiar with their own products. After this phase, normally the process goes very smooth, I just create a final version of the selected artwork. For this collab, I created a Scandinavian theme packaging because Nordic design is a running theme of my work and my favourite Christmas style. Im always drawn to minimalism, and I thought it would be really cool to apply some of its principles to a Christmas hamper packaging.


Where does your love of creating art come from?

Good question! I’ve always been very creative and feel more at ease when I am creating something. I paint every day. Is a like a muscle that I’ve been training for a long time now. I think this calling comes from an inner child with a big imagination who grew up, as we all do, listening to other people’s ideas and visions of the world and one day decided to break free and pay more attention to my own heart and what touches it in the world.    

Since you've created artwork for our food products, what's your go-to snack from our range?

My go to snack is always chocolate so I would go for Hampers With Bite Chocolate Lovers delight.  

Tell us what you’ll be buying from the Hampers With Bite Christmas range, and who it’s for?

This year I want to buy The Johnnie Walker Whisky Hamper cause I love the colours, the elegant green, and it’s hard to find the perfect gift for him!  

We love thinking outside the 'box' for Christmas (pardon the hamper pun), so how will you be getting crafty at your Christmas lunch?

This Christmas I want to hand paint some Christmas cards for my family and friends featuring one of my favourite Christmas motifs, the nutcracker. I create the cards myself and hand paint them using watercolour and gouache, and then hand emboss them with my signature and logo at the end. Every card turns out different and unique and comes with a special dedication to my loved one.     Check out Natalia's website here and view her amazing selection of contemporary watercolour paintings and art prints!
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Meet the artist behind our 2022 Christmas Packaging
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