We all have made personal new year’s resolutions to start the year off right, but what about how one’s for the office? Kick-off the new year with these meaningful companywide resolutions and have your team feel inspired. Company New Year resolutions are promises you make as a team for the new year, similar to setting company goals you wish to achieve in 2021. As you head back to work this January, why not sit down with the wider team create goals that align with the company’s overall objectives. Below is a list of meaningful new year’s resolutions for your office.


Encourage Work Life Balance 

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Better work like balance starts from the top down. If striving for better work balance becomes a new year’s resolutions for your office, it is effectively coming from the top down. For some, work finishes at 5:30 pm, but others work is often carried into the evening or weekends in the effort to get things done. Work-life balance starts with a change in attitude, if you see you employees looking burnt out, consider working towards flexible working conditions, more breaks and encourage people to take time off.

Improve Your Workspace 

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Your office space can have a major impact on your team’s motivation and engagement with the company. A thriving workplace is where employees want to come into work each day and collaborate and feel inspired. If you feel your workplace needs a makeover, you can start adding small, cost-effective items such as plants and artwork as well as more desks to increase collaborative work.

Focus on Health & Wellbeing

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Creating a healthy workplace can involve creating an environment where everyone looks after each other and looking after themselves both physically and mentally. There are several ways to promote a healthy living culture at work. Some practical ways to do this are introducing physical work out classes such as team gym sessions, yoga classes or meditation. Exercise is a great team-building activity, but also helps reduce stress and promotes better sleep. When employees feel calm, are building meaningful relationships at work and sleeping better, you will have happier, engaged and motivated employees. Remove all unhealthy snacks from the office and fill the office with better healthy snacks, so your staff have the brain food to keep them on task and productive. An excellent service we use at Hampers With Bite is Snacks With Bite, who offer a healthy snack subscription service to offices around Australia.

Support Professional Development 

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Encourage professional development to empower employees with new skills to move up through the company. Employees who have opportunities to upskill will remain loyal and remain at the company for longer. Establishing a learning development program is not as difficult as you think. Encourage staff to come to you with short courses they wish to complete, regularly check in with them throughout the year and develop a career progression ladder.

How to Stick to the New Year Resolutions for your Office

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Studies show 60% of people make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% achieve them. We don’t want that to be the case for your team. To ensure you stick to your company’s new year resolutions.

Use SMART goals






SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. This keeps your team accountable and allows you to track your progress. Ambiguous goals or resolutions are often not achieved.

Setting New Year’s resolutions for your office ensures your team are aligned to the overall goals of the company. Not only that, company set resolutions improves employee wellbeing and leads to positive corporate culture. We suggest focusing on employee wellbeing, office workspaces and professional development.


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