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Kris Kringle Gift Ideas

Looking for some great Kris Kringle gift ideas? Kris Kringle or Secret Santa is a great way to turn Christmas into a fun game, whilst cutting down on the number of people you need to buy for. Having said that… whether it’s at home or at the office, Kris Kringle can leave you stuck with someone you don’t know how to buy for. Especially Kris Kringle in the office can be an impossible challenge to find a gift for someone you’ve only spoken to once at last year's Christmas party. Typically you’re left choosing between generic chocolates, and the gag gift that might get a laugh and definitely will never see the light of day again. Here are some Kris Kringle gift ideas to help you find the perfect thing.

Notebooks or Journals

A notebook or journal makes for a fantastic secret santa gift because of it’s versatility and usefulness for anybody. No matter whether they’re using it for work or personal use, anyone can appreciate a good quality notebook.  Example: Kikki.K Notebook


A small potted plant is a welcome spot of life in anyone’s office and makes for a fantastic Kris Kringle gift, especially a low maintenance bit of flora like a succulent. Picking a fun pot to go with it makes it an even better way to liven up what is typically a dull, grey desk and office. Example: A Crassulla Gollum Succulent

Niche Vouchers

Gift vouchers are the standard safe option for gifting, but if you want it to feel a little more thoughtful, get them an experience they can tailor to their liking, for example, a Movie voucher, gold class movie experience, zoo voucher, restaurant voucher, even food delivery like an Uber Eats voucher. Example: Hoyts Lux voucher

Gift Hampers

A gift hamper is a great gift in heaps of situations because they are so versatile. If you want to get something that feels thoughtful but takes minimal effort and works for almost anyone, a small gift hamper filled with classic treats is a great way to go. Example: Mini Moments Hamper

Whisky Accessories

For a whisky lover, any accessories to their drinking experience are a welcome addition. A beautiful whisky decanter, whisky rocks, or even a new bottle will make a whisky lover light up like a Christmas tree. Example: Tahmdu 50mL Single Malt whisky set

Wine Accessories

Just like whisky lovers, wine lovers are fairly passionate when it comes to their drink. These thoughtful presents not only enhance the overall wine-drinking experience but also showcase a deep understanding of the recipient's passion. From elegant corkscrews and aerators to stylish wine glasses and innovative preservation systems, wine accessories cater to a wide range of preferences. Example: Red Wine Aerator
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Kris Kringle Gift Ideas
Looking for some great Kris Kringle gift ideas? Kris Kringle or Secret Santa is a great way to turn Christmas into a fun game, whilst cutting down on the number..
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