Giving a gift at workplace can be uneasy for most people. But that shouldn’t be the case. That is why, we bring you the top gift hampers to impress your customers.Read more below about creating the perfect welcome gift hamper to impress your clients.

One gives a lot of thinking into choosing the most appropriate gift at the workplace. How much should you spend? How personal do you need to get? How could you keep up the air of professionalism? All these questions pop up in your mind especially when you think about gifting your new clients. Because you want to be extra careful to build a long term relation with them. Keeping all these concerns in our mind, we are here to ease this process by presenting you with a list of all hampers that go well for all corporate perspectives.


Keep it classy and cheesy:

The best way to have an insight of what your client might like is to ask them of their preferences. By striking up a friendly conversation with them, you can get a couple of hints of their interests. If you wish to keep it under the table, then call their personal assistant and get some insight from him or her. You don’t have to get in the details, just ask them if they like sweet or savoury, drinks or confectionary, cheese or snacks. This will aid you in choosing a basket according to their liking or customize your own.
For the clients who love cheese, we recommend our All but the Cheese hamper. It contains Shiraz, cheeseboard, knife set, crisps, toasted corn and other munchies for a crunchy yet cheesy indulgence. The high quality cheeseboard and the knife set will last longer than the eateries and keep on reminding your clients of your care and consideration.

Also check out the Gourmet Artisan Cheeseboard at

Keep it tangy and sharp:

The clients who swing more towards the malty side may like our Red Wine Celebration gift set. It has a classic bottle of Deakin Estate Shiraz, paired with pretzel puffs, salted pretzels and caramel latte shortbread. It is a perfect mix of sweet and savoury, making it an ideal way to impress your clients who prefer to indulge in salty snacks.
For the sugar lover clients, go for something that cries sweet! Our Sugar Street Treat is the ideal choice for putting the biggest smiles on your clients’ faces. Packed with sugary goodness and crunchy snacks, this hamper will make a special place for you in your customer’s heart and mind. Not only will it be a reminder of your care on special occasions, but also become a source of happiness, adding a touch of professionalism. This hamper includes candies, marshmallows, gummy bears and everything sweet. You can also opt for chocolate hampers to sweeten the deal. Choose Chocolate Wonderland for all sorts of crunchies and munchies (pictured below).
Choose any of the above hampers to surprise your clients with the most delicious gift hampers.




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