We hear so much on how to sell e-commerce B2C how Shopify is the must-have platform, add-ons, up-sells, how social media influencers are your golden ticket… what about us poor sods selling accounting services, legal consultation, office supplies etc! Where are all the hacks? Here is my advice to generate rapid growth.
I sell to tens of thousands of businesses every year across many products. If I could only sell one way and relied on this method to pay my mortgage this would be it and you’re not going to like it. Sorry, it’s not automated! It takes courage and acceptance that someone might hang up on you once a day and if they don’t you’re not trying hard enough. Cold calling is back…with a spin.

Firstly qualify, qualify qualify.

Let’s presume you have an existing database of buyers, you must find out exactly who they are and what their job title is. Easy done – just export a list into Excel, give it to someone offshore and they can manually search and profile the base. We now have the avatar of our ideal customer; let’s get to finding some contacts. With a little creativity, it shouldn’t be too overwhelming for you to find contacts on LinkedIn that meet your industry, job title etc. Cross-reference websites and now we have emails and phones numbers for these guys. Get some outside help if need be.

Secondly, follow them around a little.

Create a customer audience in LinkedIn and Facebook then with their emails give them a tittle taste of what you’re about. When you call they are more likely to trust you! For instance, I could be the leading provider of workplace safety audits. Then I would run a tailored ad campaign with some interesting content on why if you are in the business of running a safe workplace you should speak with me. The key is a compelling offer, for example a free $500 workplace audit with a lead form in the ads. The hook is the key to standing out. Make sure you understand the Life Time Value (LTV) of your customer when curating the hook.
Now lets say for pretty minimal expense we have a list of contacts who:
  1. Meet our buyer demographic
  2. Have been exposed to our brand through social media
  3. We have a hook that is going to get them excited

Now its time to pick up the phone!

Remember there hasn’t been a time in the last ten years when decision makers pick up fewer sales calls than they do now. It’s all about email outreach and funnels. The key to mastering the call is a little more complex.
Two things to remember though that will get you a long way.
  1. Present yourself as an expert in the industry. You are!
  2. No, “please sir can I have a minute of your time.” You should say “David you need to hear what I am offering to ensure you are not exposed to a potential lawsuit from workplace accidents. I am giving away a $500 audit. I wouldn’t be in business if after I gave away this audit, many more customers came on board. You need me.”
In the next article, I will talk about the close and what I like to call 8 Mile it, just like Rabbit in 8 Mile, use potential rejections as a selling point rather than a deal breaker. It’s a game changer, stay tuned.
Rory Boyle, Co-Founder, Hampers With Bite
Website – https://www.hamperswithbite.com.au/ Email – info@hamperswithbite.com.au Phone – 1300 805 947 Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/hamperswithbite/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hamperswithbite LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/hampers-with-bite/ YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYoJRazq1646KS7cELnKZzw
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