February 24, 2022


By HampersWithBite

It’s time to hop to it! Easter is a time for family, it’s traditionally a time when we sit down with our loved ones and share a great meal and some good times. So why not do the same with your “work family” and celebrate Easter at work? Read below to see some fun and interesting ways to celebrate this occasion in the office!

Easter Egg Hunt

A good old fashioned Easter egg hunt is always a good time! Setting up some chocolates hidden around the office will bring some cheer, but also end in a reward for everyone! As well as a small sugar high helping through the 3:00 PM slump!
For an easy option shop with Hampers With Bite and select The Easter Egg Hunt Hamper – filled with eggs ready to hide!

Giveaway Baskets

Surprise your colleagues with a small gift for an afternoon snack! Remember to take into account people’s likes and allergies, to make for a truly thoughtful Easter giveaway. A goodie bag will easily lift office spirits! Our Easter Favourites Basket will help you fill every chocolate craving!

Bake Off!

Feeling extra ambitious? Invite your colleagues to enter an Easter themed bake off! You’ll be surrounded by all kinds of delicious treats at no extra cost!

Decoration Time

You can never go wrong with colourful decor. It will brighten up people’s workstations and put them in the spirit of Easter and all things delicious!

A Boozy Afternoon Tea!

Before the long weekend starts, celebrate all of the hard work your team has done with a cheeky beverage! Our hampers, like The Moet Chocolate Gift Box, include delicious bottles of Australian wine. Paired with a variety of chocolate goodies, it will go down a treat!

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