May 25, 2022

8 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients and Customers Will Love

By HampersWithBite

Selecting presents for your clients and customers can be tricky. You want to keep it professional, but also make a lasting impression!

Here is our list of the top eight gifts that will help accomplish just that, and won’t break the bank.


1) Technology they will love

It’s a tech-driven world, that’s why any customer or client is sure to hang onto the gift of technology! Smaller items such as portable chargers are great as pocket sized gifts. Step it up a notch with a piece of office equipment that will surely be loved, such as a great speaker system. Or really impress a special client with an iPad or tablet to help them with their business.


2) The gift of a green thumb

We’ve all heard it before, but we’ll say it again, indoor plants are amazing! Gifting some easy to care for indoor plants will lift spirits with fresh air, something to care for, and just overall aesthetic appeal.


3) Snacks galore

Nibbles can hit at any point in the day, keep them at bay with a delivery or delicious snacks! A special client or customer will always appreciate some delicious food to fill out their pantry, or to share with the wider office team. The Artisan Cheeseboard Hamper from Hampers with Bite is full to the brim of gourmet goodies that everybody will enjoy!


4) Friday night drinks

Sending through a surprise beverage is the way to any corporate workers heart. If you aren’t celebrating on a Friday night, you aren’t doing it right! It’s as easy as a few clicks to organise an awesome selection of wines or bottle of spirits to your client’s office. Check out the Beer Celebration Hamper or our Sparkling Wine Celebration Hamper on our website!


6) The gift of giving

Touch the hearts of your clients by supporting causes that they do. Gifting charitably to an organisation or cause that they hold close to their hearts will show that you pay attention to their core belief and values.


7) Relaxation

Give the gift of relaxation to your customers and clients, an offer that they won’t ever refuse! Hiring a masseuse for a lunch time to provide five minute neck or shoulder massages will definitely help them relax at a busy time of year, and help with productivity!


8) Soothing Tea

Once they are as relaxed as ever, pep them up with some delicious tea! Every office needs a selection of soothing drinks and we have just the perfect thing. Hamper with Bite’s Opulent Tea Collection Hamper includes a selection of Opulent Blend’s finest teas, they’re absolutely delish especially their Earl Grey Tea! 

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