Let’s face it, ice breakers can be super awkward and sometimes embarrassing. We totally understand, but there are a number of ways to throw a retreat that everyone of your colleagues will rave about! This is where we come in, presenting you with some of the most fun ways to make your company gathering stand out and be the talk of town! Check them out below.


Set a clear goal

You might be surprised to know the number of times the party planners think they’re on the same page with the rest of the staff without even discussing anything, and you’re left predicting. Here the key factor is communication; to talk out your absolute goal of throwing an amazing retreat. This will bring up different ideas and let you have an insight of what your staff wants and plan accordingly. In case of multiple goals, make sure to prioritise them and then go with the flow. Setting up clear objectives drives your thinking in the right direction, resulting in a party that makes memories.

Book your venue

It is really important to book your venue as early as possible. Again, this depends upon your retreat objectives and the kind of activity you want to hold. Deciding on an ideal venue is the ride or die decision for your event to be a clear success. Keep track of the number of people invited and the mood of the event to select the perfect location for an event to be written in good books. Visit it beforehand to ensure everything is in place and to avoid any snares that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

Arrange transport

It’s not a wise idea to let everyone take their cars with them to the retreat site. It could create a chaos because of the limited parking spot and result in a haphazard event because of different arrival timings of individuals. Arrange transportation for your team members to provide them comfort and excite them for a fun outdoor trip. This will keep things organised in a decent and professional fashion, keeping everything in control and letting you keep up with the schedule.

Break the day

Company retreat is supposed to be something you look forward to. Breaking the day in chunks of different activities with allotted timings can result in an organised event, making it a huge success. Keep everyone engaged in various activities according to your objectives and allow them a few rests like a snack break, tea time, socialising and cocktail hours. If the goal of the event is brainstorming ideas, you could get them snack hampers to keep on munching while they think and create. Scheduling everything properly beforehand will help in a successful and engaging event.

Whatever your aim is, you should always focus on enjoying and having fun while running around to make sure everything is up to your expectations. Follow the above tricks and let your event speak volumes of your care for your staff.


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