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If you are looking for the best wedding gift for a couple then Hampers With Bite has a beautiful range of wedding gift hampers and engagement hampers to celebrate the happy couple and celebrate love.

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Wedding Hampers are celebratory gifts. It will be best to include a celebratory alcohol like champagne or wine. It is also advised to include in something for his or hers or something for the couple’s new home.

Choose from any of our best-selling wedding hampers. Our Celebration Share Basket has wine and the perfect combination of sweets and savoury treats. Our Moet Champagne Housewarming Hamper is your best choice for setting a celebratory mood. And our My Maison with Chandon Hamper is something that the couple can enjoy on their honeymoon.

The newlyweds will thank you endlessly for your thoughtfulness in giving them something for their new home. Send them off to a great start in wedded bliss with our most elegant Moet Champagne Housewarming Hamper. This Hamper features the world-class Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne, the Luxe Gold Champagne Stopper, and a Cacao Boutique Dark Chocolate Peanuts that’s perfect for your every sip of luxury. Go ahead, indulge the newlyweds!

Our Celebration Share Basket is a hit among many. This is the ultimate premium gift basket perfect for an engagement celebration. This hamper is a feast of sweet treats and savoury delights. Headlined by the super luxe Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir and the Berton Metal Label Rosé, this grand gift basket features a fancy assortment of treats and savoury delights. You will not be looking at any other gifts. This one is the ultimate.

You can never go wrong with a wedding hamper. Plus, you have several options and with varying features in each of those options. Gifting Wedding Hampers is a great idea. Check out our wonderful selection of Wedding Hampers. Consider any of our best-sellers. We have the super cute My Maison with Chandon Hamper, the jam-packed Celebration Share Basket, or the uber posh Moet Champagne Housewarming Hamper.

Or customize your own! Go to our Create Your Own Hamper page and send us a message. One of our managers will contact you immediately and will be happy to assist you.