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If you are looking for the best wedding gift for a couple then Hampers With Bite has a beautiful range of wedding gift hampers and engagement hampers to celebrate the happy couple and celebrate love.

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When it come to the best wedding gift it is important that you select something both individuals can enjoy. Anything to do with entertaining from cheeseboards, wines, gourmet nibbles or homewares is always a good idea. If you are looking for an engagement gift we recommend a bottle of sparkling or champagne to toast to the happy couple.

Each couple has something that makes them special and it is always nice to select a wedding gift that truly represents them. We have a range of unique wedding gift hampers that will be sure to delight. From gourmet picnic baskets, champagne gift boxes, chocolate hampers and more.

When a couple becomes it engaged it is such an exciting time, all you want to do is celebrate. Thats why it is recommended to send a champagne or sparkling wine hamper so the couple can toast to love and their future together. Hampers With Bite have a range of Champagne and Sparkling wine hampers perfect to send to the new fiancés.

Setting a budget for a wedding gift can be difficult! It can depend on how close you are to the couple, when you are family you may spend a little more whereas a casual friend or co-worker you could spend less. Generally wedding gift range from $70-$500 and usually reflects the price of the cost of food and drinks at the wedding itself. If you are on a budget, you can pool money together with a group and put funds towards a larger gift. Make sure you include a wedding gift card with your gift to wish the couple well.