August 6, 2020

Looking to send a friend a good luck gift for an exam? Hoping to cheer someone up during a time of sadness or tragedy? Send a “with sympathy” gift? Or perhaps you wish to send a gift just because? Showing your support to a friend or family member during a stressful time can be challenging. We can be left not knowing what we can do to help. A care package is an excellent way to show that you are thinking of them. De-stress Hamper Do you have a friend or family member who is looking stressed, overwhelmed or…

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5 Ways to Host the Ideal Christmas Party

August 3, 2020

Christmas is the time for gatherings and happiness and everyone aims to make their holiday better than the last years. We want to save you from any sort of organisational mishap, bringing you some of the simplest yet effective ideas to turn your simple holiday into a cherishing memory. Have a look below. Schedule everything Everything that is timed perfectly results in ideal execution. Most mistakes arise due to lack of time management. Divide your time into chunks and allocate them for various activities like dinner, games, relaxation etc. This simple activity will save you from the overwhelming…

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June 9, 2020

LOOKING TO MOTIVATE YOUR TEAM REMOTELY? WE HAVE A SELECTION OF TIPS AND TRICKS TO HELP! While everything might seem to have come to a halt, the work continues. To keep up the working spirits alive and bubbly to the same level as before lockdown is an extreme challenge, often at which people desperately fail. Turning drawing rooms into offices, bed into the office chairs and snack breaks into sleep breaks, a lot has changed and is now taken as completely normal. Being at home at all times is not an easy thing to pull off and can be mentally…

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June 2, 2020

WHEN IT COMES TO GIFT-GIVING, THERE’S A FINE LINE BETWEEN SHOWING THE APPROPRIATE SENTIMENT AND SENDING A MESSAGE THAT’S A LITTLE OFF-BASE. AND OF COURSE, CORPORATE GIFTS ARE NO EXCEPTION. The true art of gift-giving means keeping key relationships top of mind on every special occasion, especially for your important corporate connections. The right gift sent at the right time can strengthen your bonds with your professional networks and staff ( and even become the ultimate referral tool). In the world of business, we all want to be sure we are applying the latest and greatest marketing strategies…

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Top 5 Benefits of Corporate Gifting

May 29, 2020

We know that businesses need a lot of strategies to raise their to clients and staff alike. Corporate gifting is consistently one of the most effective ways to do this. I mean, who doesn’t like gifts? With a touch of personalization to add sincerity to the mix, you can eventually turn such sentiments into direct the sales. Corporate gifts are the ones that businesses send out to their clients, partners, potential referrals, and employees. These gifts not only create a positive image for your company and office culture but also speaks volumes for the kind of bond you…

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May 18, 2020

As we continue to ride the wave on uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, at Hampers With Bite we thinking of you and your loved ones during this difficult time. We know for so many big plans and major milestones like birthdays, weddings, honeymoons and engagements have been put on hold. But that doesn’t mean that the celebration should be completely over! Now more than ever, giving is a way to keep us connected, show support and even make yourself feel great. Hampers With Bite is here to help you change the tides from focussing on sadness to looking…

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April 25, 2020

HOW TO BUY THE PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY GIFT ONLINE You’ve probably already noticed a familiar Autumn topic start to arise; Mother’s Day is on the way! But with social distancing and safety precautions making it harder to celebrate this special day as a family, picking the perfect gift for Mum is going to mean more than ever! Due to the closures of the usual retail haunts and shopping strips, more of us are turning to online stores to help make Mum’s day this May 10th. And that’s where we come in! At Hampers With Bite, we’ve put together…

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7 Tips For Working Remotely

March 19, 2020

HOW THE HOME-BOUND CAN SURVIVE AND THRIVE WHILE WORKING REMOTELY THROUGH THE CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN. Based on recent findings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s self-quarantining and social distancing are key to combating and further preventing the spread of Covid-19 infections. And with quarantine periods lasting as long as 14 days many employers are encouraging employees to work remotely in the interest of public health. For many of us, working from home will become the norm for the foreseeable future and while working in your pajamas it may seem like a vacation from your daily grind, it is important…

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A Man’s Gifting Guide to Find the Ultimate Gift for Any Occasion

March 2, 2020

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to nail any occasion, then look no further! Because we bring you a man’s gifting guide to find the ultimate gift for any occasion. We know how complicated and confusing it is for most men to choose a gift for their special someone. Not only are they forgetful, but even if they do remember, they are always busy and rush to the markets at the eleventh hour. That is why, online shopping is the best option that gives you the comfort to choose anything from the comfort of your living room….

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Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Your Flat Mates

March 2, 2020

Your flat mates are like a mini extended family. They stick with your through every thick and thin, and that is why, you need to remember them in every special occasion. With Easter just around the corner, you need to come up with the perfect gift options to surprise your friends and family. That includes your flat mates as well as they are a big part of your life. There’s always something extraordinary about handing gifts on Easter as it is not commonly expected to spend money that day as you would do for any birthday or Christmas….

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Easter Gift Ideas for Your Clients

February 21, 2020

Christmas has gone and New Year has been quite an old story now, and we are propelling towards the Easter at a much faster rate. It might seem only yesterday that you were rushing towards the market to choose the Christmas presents for your loved ones. Well, if you now see the market bustling with chocolate eggs all around, you should have the idea that Easter is fast approaching. And that means you need to choose the ideal gifts that will put the biggest smiles on your loved ones’ face. Pleasing each of your clients can be very…

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Spring Gift Baskets for Your Parties

February 17, 2020

Read below to find the best quality hampers to make your parties shine bright. Spring has finally arrived. And that means going out and having outdoor activities. It brings a unique and warm charm to our lives and make us feel more active. Such times call for family gatherings where you can shove off all the dull vibes. So to make your times even more beautiful, gather the best quality hampers for your family to celebrate the arrival of the flower season with a Spring basket. We bring you the list of the most amazing hampers to put…

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