Meet the Team


Meet the team that gave birth to Hampers with Bite and made it a name synonymous with luxurious gifting. It began with brothers Nick and Rory, the dynamic duo and owners/directors of Hampers with Bite.

Witnessing the gap in the market for modern gift hampers that exude luxury and class, the ambitious brothers set out to fill it by introducing an edge: delicious gourmet products, beautiful packaging at a very good price. What sets them apart and makes a marked difference is their tasteful packaging which is thoughtfully chosen: be it a cane basket, collar or sports bag, or a beautiful picnic chest.

Introducing the team creative director: Lyndsey, who absolutely loves her work at the established family business of Hampers with Bite. Her work is creative and innovative and involves having the products packed and photographed beautifully. She finds her work fun as well as challenging and very rewarding.

Meet the team marketing manager: Tash. She has one ambition and that is to provide the best experience to her customers by showing how valuable they are through beautiful packaging, extraordinary products, and ultimately a 10/10 gifting experience. She ensures she delivers on the values of Hampers with Bite through all customer touchpoints such as delivery, customer service and social media.

Meet Niki who loves her work at Hampers with Bite, especially the tasting of beautiful products that are included in their gift baskets. Sourcing of products is of utmost importance as the quality of all products is ensured and maintained, hence her role is critical in maintaining quality standards for the business.

Delivering fragile products can be challenging and that is why Hampers with Bites considers its delivery as an integral part of the process, ensuring that the beautifully packed hampers are transported carefully, and are received intact and in perfect condition.

With over 17 years of serving the Australian market and sending tens of thousands of gourmet gift hampers each year, the team at Hampers with Bite delivers on its promise of a delightful gourmet gift giving experience anywhere in Australia.

What are you waiting for? Start gifting!