“For every hamper sold 1 meal is donated
to a child in need.”

The act of gifting becomes even more powerful when it supports the values close to our hearts. This is why we have partnered with House Of Hope Uganda to ensure that every gift you give also gives back.

– Rory Boyle,
Director of Hampers With Bite

At a glance


Hampers donated to frontline workers who’ve contracted COVID-19


Hampers donated to frontline workers and children in hospitals


Food products donated to Australian hunger relief organisations


Hot meals donated to feed underprivileged children


The House of Hope Uganda Inc. is an Australian charity which was founded by Wendy Pollock in 2010 after she visited the House of Hope orphanage in Uganda as a volunteer aid worker. She found a facility that had 140 orphans from HIV/aids affected families, and a primary school that catered for 250 children from nearby villages.

She immediately began to raise funds and support. Her efforts saw new permanent classrooms built, and further education programs were developed so adolescents leave school with a secondary school certificate to enable them to gain employment. She also works closely with Medical aid for critically ill children.

Inspired by their tremendous efforts, Hampers With Bite partnered with House of Hope Uganda in 2020 and today we are donating one meal for every hamper sold to a child in need.

“We are delighted to work with Hampers With Bite!

By giving a meal we’re reducing hunger, making sure these children grow up healthy, improving wellbeing and reducing the risk of disease. A child free from hunger can study, have confidence and peace of mind, and when they grow up can be strong enough to work and support themselves.”

– Wendy, Presdient of the House of Hope Uganda Inc.



Hampers With Bite have partnered with House Of Hope Uganda Inc. an orphanage, school, and child empowerment centre catering to vulnerable children in Uganda. With every order, Hampers With Bite is able to donate meals and education to Ugandan Children in need.

“We are delighted to work with Hampers With Bite. By giving a meal we’re reducing hunger, making sure these children grow up healthy improving wellbeing and reducing the risk of disease” – Wendy Pollock, House Of Hope Uganda Founder


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