Hampers With Bite Gives Back!

For many years Hampers With Bite has looked to the community that surrounds us asking, how can we give back? We believe that working alongside organisations that are important to the community is beneficial and of great importance for any corporate entity.

For over fifteen years we have worked alongside some of our favourites charities and organisations to help support causes that are dear to our hearts. We support charities across Australia and always believe in giving back to the community that we love so dearly.

Some of the ways we have donated and given back to organisations that we love include charity specific gift hampers where proceeds are donated to the organisation of choice, financial donations of profit to charities, physical charitable donations of product for raffle or silent auction purposes, and general word of mouth promotion. We always try to provide the best outcome possible.

Some of our charitable partnerships include Ronald McDonald House, Emily’s Dream, Children’s Cancer Institute, The White Knight Foundation and The Reach Foundation.

Are you connected to an Australian charity?

Contact us at info@hamperswithbite.com.au or call us on 1300 795 802 to discuss charitable donations and partnerships.

The Ruby-Rose Rainbow fund is dedicated to help finance research to find more effective and less harmful treatments for childhood leukaemia.

Ruby-Rose was diagnosed at 18 months old with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow.

When first diagnosed she spent six months at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, undergoing intensive chemotherapy treatment, relapsing only six weeks later. She went on to have a further two rounds of chemotherapy, but relapsed again and went straight into Bone Marrow Transplant.

Two months post-transplant, Ruby underwent Total Body Electron Beam Radiation, the first of its kind performed on a toddler in Australia. Fighting the cancer for 17 months, sadly Ruby passed away in December 2015.

In honour of Ruby-Rose, her family have joined with the Children’s Cancer Foundation. All donations to the Ruby-Rose Rainbow fund go towards supporting children with cancer.

Hampers With Bite has supported their trivia night for the Ruby-Rose Foundation by donating some hampers. In 2017 Hampers With Bite donated 12 Congratulations Ice Buckets. In 2018 Hampers With Bite donated 12 customer hampers presented in a white magnet box with a branded sleeve.

The family has ambitious plans for their fundraising, in particular funds to be allocated to clinical research and trails investigating targeted therapies for childhood leukaemia that are more natural and gentler treatments. As well as potentially including Music Therapy, which Ruby-Rose enjoyed so much.

Sands Australia is the miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death charity. Operating across Australia, supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby. Working to improve the care bereaved parents receive by healthcare professionals and breaking the silence and taboo of baby death in today’s society.

Its estimated one in four pregnancies 93,000, end in miscarriage in Australia each year, while approximately 2,500 babies are either stillborn or die in the first 28 days after birth. Despite the fact the death of a baby affects so many Australians, it remains a topic that is rarely spoken about in public.

Sands is a community of bereaved parents providing support, including peer to peer services for bereaved parents around the clock through telephone support line, email, local support groups and online live chat. Information, providing vital information to bereaved parents following the death of a baby. Including real life stories from other parents and the wider community.

Hampers With Bite donated a hamper to help raise funds for their support systems for parents. All donations go towards their work in reaching out with the right words, emotional support and action. And education, providing support and training for Healthcare Professionals and Funeral Home Directors to ensure bereaved parents are provided with appropriate care and support.

The White Knight Foundation was established in 2013 as a result of a vicious and innocent attack on Liam Knight. Liam was the unfortunate victim of a gatecrashed party where a 2.8m long steel pole was thrown, hitting him and piercing him through his skull. Against the odds, Liam survived, but he continues to endure months and years of rehabilitation.

The White Knight Foundation held a gala dinner to raise awareness in which Hampers With Bite donated hampers to. All donations go towards helping youth victims of assault in rehabilitation.

There are many others throughout NSW and Australia that are innocently attacked and require significant amounts of rehabilitation. The White Knight Foundation aims to raise awareness as to the outcomes of random acts of violence in particular to the dangers of gatecrashing.

Through your generous financial contributions The White Knight Foundation will raise funds to support the challenges that normal Australian families face as a result of this unprovoked violence.

Inspired by the short yet vital life of Lilly Fish – Lillies for Hope is a not-for-profit fund, out to make an impact. Their mission is to raise money for much needed research into childhood cancer, particularly Wilm’s tumour.

Lilly Fish was diagnosed at four years old with a rare childhood cancer of the kidney, Wilm’s tumour, often having a very high remission rate of 85%. After two and a half years of aggressive treatments and countless surgeries, Lilly lost her battle in July 2014 at just six and a half years old.

Lillies for Hope’s biggest and wildest dream – through their efforts and peoples’ kindness, the survival rate for children with cancer is significantly increased. And in the process, Lillies for Hope get to improve the lives of their parents and siblings.

Last year Hampers With Bite donated a hamper to Lillies For Hope. All donations and funds raised by Lillies for Hope are held in trust with the Children’s Cancer Foundations and will be used to fund research and provide support.

Koala Kids purpose ‘is to bring happy moments to children and young people during cancer treatment, their families and their healthcare team’. Koala Kids began in 2015, and in that time, they have developed a range of entertaining and engaging activities for children and families whether they are in the home, hospital, or receiving treatment elsewhere.

Koala Kids also work closely with healthcare staff and social workers to provide therapeutic items that aid children during their treatments and procedures. Their volunteers believe happy helps and engaging activities can be beneficial in supporting the emotional needs and creating a sense of normality for all involved.

We agree that happy helps. Which is why both Hampers With Bite our sister company Snacks With Bite choose to support with Koala Kids. Hampers With Bite have helped donated and deliverer hundreds of hampers and snack boxes to children undertaking cancer treatment and their families.

Snacks With Bite have created a Koala Kids Snack Box where every box purchased, 15% of sales are donated to Koala Kids.  Hampers With Bite hope to work more closely as the charity continues expanding.

Emily’s Dreams is a charity founded by community parents, affiliated with Bridging Communities Inc, to assist Emily who has limited access to support via regular disability support systems.

Emily’s Dreams purpose is to fundraise in various ways to assist Emily and our family to close the gap between available disability support to provide essential needs such as:

  1. Ongoing future needs in funding specialized equipment such as educational, mobility and vehicle related aids.
  2. Expensive ongoing medical tests and treatment.
  3. Further genetic testing in America (not available in Australia).
  4. Financial assistance to gain access to carer’s

This year, Hampers With Bite donated hampers for the silent auction and raffle prizes as part of their Charity Fundraising Ball event in Perth.

Austbrokers ABS are Australia’s leading insurance and risk management specialists. Each year Austbokers ABS holds the Totally Awesome 80’s Ball in aid of The Reach Foundation.

Since 1994, Reach has been running youth-led workshops to get people talking, so they can find their voice and own it. There are currently over four-million young people living in Australia, and Reach proudly works with over 40,000 of them a year.

Without opportunities for young people to become self-aware, create connections and share what’s really going on for them, adolescence can become a very difficult period with challenges that may end up defining them.

Hampers With Bite has in previous years donated gift hampers for the purpose of silent auction at the annual Totally Awesome 80’s Ball.

Looking to get involved further with The Reach Foundation? Click here to see all of the ways you can be more involved and connected with this wonderful organisation.

Jack’s Butterflies is an Australian Company Limited by Guarantee and a registered charity within Australia. We were created especially for Children and their families who have been diagnosed with a life limiting rare disease or is currently undiagnosed but fits the profile of having a rare disease. We also extend our services to those families who have sadly lost their child who had a rare disease.

Jack’s Butterflies was created in honour of Jack Gates, a beautiful little boy who was born in March 2011 and was later diagnosed with a very rare condition called Ohtahara Syndrome.

Last year Hampers With Bite donated one of our Merry Christmas hampers to Jack’s Butterflies to support families with children with rare diseases in Australia. All donations go toward helping families in similar situations to Jack’s.

Jack opened his mums eyes up to a whole new world. A world that is very scary and isolating and full of devastation. Jack gave her strength and showed her a new and better meaning of life. Jack was her inspiration to helping other families like theirs. Butterflies are majestic, beautiful and carefree. As a community, we aim to help parents free their children of the cocoon that their diagnosis has placed on them and give them beautiful wings to soar.

The Live for Lily Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation that is committed to ensuring that we will see an end to childhood cancer. It was established to by two loving and devoted parents to honour their daughty Lily, who unforuntately passed away in 2014 from an extremely rare liver cancer.

“Our world was turned upside down. Lily endured over 6 months of chemotherapy, 6 operations, radiation amongst other tests, scans and many, many hospital visits. In January 2014, Lily did go into remission, however after another scan in March 2014 we were told the most devastating news of our lives – our daughter was terminally ill. Lily fought hard, was brave and an inspiration to us all, each and everyday – she still is. Lily so sadly passed away on the 11th of August 2014. The hope of the foundation will be to find a cure for childhood cancer so no child or parent has to endure what we did.”

Live for Lily raises awareness and all donations go directly towards research that is dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancers.

Hampers With Bite have donated gift hampers to help raise funds for Live For Lily.

Diamond Ball is Children’s Cancer Institute’’’s annual signature black-tie gala ball. Now in its 25th year, Diamond Ball brings together our most loyal supporters and event partners for a night of fun, entertainment and most importantly fundraising.

2018 was their most successful year to date, with Sydney raising an incredible $1.127M, with Melbourne raising over $396K!

Two years in a row, Hampers With Bite have donated hampers for the raffle hosted by the ball. Donations can be made on their page to help research the causes, prevention and cure of childhood cancer.

Originally founded by two Fathers of children with cancer in 1976, Children’s Cancer Institute is the only independent medical research institute in Australia wholly dedicated to research into the causes, prevention and cure of childhood cancer.

Whether you attend the event in Sydney or Melbourne, Diamond Ball promises to be a magical night, with an impressive culinary experience, boutique wines, exclusive entertainment and fabulous auction items but more than that, it promises to be a night you will never forget.

The Million Dollar Lunch is Melbourne’s premier fundraising event, bringing together influential Australian guests for an extraordinary afternoon of fundraising, entertainment and networking in support of the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Since 2005, The Million Dollar Lunch has raised more than $19.5 million of funds in support of the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

The Children’s Cancer Foundation’s vision is to enable children with cancer to access the world’s best treatment and support and to build awareness of childhood cancer in the community and within governments. The Children’s Cancer Foundation supports families through treatment, partners with hospitals to deliver clinical excellence and builds world-class paediatric cancer clinical research.

Last year Hampers With Bite donated a voucher for their event in support of their work with the Children’s Cancer Foundation. The voucher was designed by us for the event and awarded to a winner to redeem online.

At Hampers with bite we believe that giving back is important. This is why we have chosen to partner with Dignity for Children.

Dignity for Children has been providing education and care to underprivileged children for the past 20 years. Dignity has educated more than 8,000 students, and currently have 1,700 enrolled. They are largest and most comprehensive learning centre for the underprivileged in West Malaysia.

In May this year our Director, Rory, visited the Dignity for Children learning centre in Malaysia. Being able to witness first hand the centre, facilities and impact they are making on children’s lives he too was inspired to make a difference.

Every hamper purchase will contribute to providing a meal to a child in need. Our aim is to have donated 20,000 meals by 2020. This support enables a child to receive a nutritious meal which they need to develop academically and socially to break out from the cycle of poverty.

Foodbank’s food and grocery rescue operations play a key role in addressing Australia’s $20 billion food waste problem, redirecting and/or repurposing approximately 37 million kilograms of food and groceries that may otherwise end up in the landfill, saving more than 81 million kilograms of CO2 emissions every year.

At Hampers With Bite we proudly donate any excess stock we have, to help reduce food waste and feed hungry Australians. The food we donate is generally close to expiry and as a result we cannot sell this to our customers or place these items in our gift hampers, however, these hamper items are still perfectly fine to eat.

If you or your business would like to dontate to Foodbank, please get in touch today!

Foodbank’s proven ability to rescue and redirect massive volumes of food that would otherwise be sent to landfill is not only crucial to Australia’s ability to deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (in particular SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production), but also Australia’s ability to deliver on the objectives of the National Food Waste Strategy. Given the scale of our operations, Foodbank’s role in the ‘Reuse’ level of the strategy’s food waste hierarchy is critically important.

MS Research Australia is the largest Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to funding, coordinating, educating and advocating for MS research as part of the worldwide effort to solve MS.

MS Research Australia is committed to developing and exploring research initiatives and collaborations, both within the MS research community and across different disease fields and disciplines.

Its goal is to accelerate research: into the cause, better treatments and prevention, with the aim of ultimately finding a cure for MS.

Hampers With Bite supported their national fundraising campaign, Kiss Goodbye to MS , by donating a hamper as a prize for their Red Lab Coat Day.

The winners of Red Lab Coat Day ‘battle of the labs’ received one of our Mocha and Milestone hampers. Their battle of the bands competition was to display and raise awareness about the research they were undertaking within their various labs.

Tooradin Sports Club recently held a Prostate Cancer Charity Dinner to raise money and awareness for the Prostate Charity Foundation of Australia. Over the course of the night with Hampers with Bite’s contribution, they raised $5,935 for the foundation.

In Australia, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men with approximately 3,500 Australian men dying of the disease each year. For some comparison, more men die of prostate cancer than women of breast cancer.

The PCFA is a broad, community based organisation dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families. They achieve this by promoting and funding innovative research in the field; implementing awareness and advocacy campaigns for the community, government and health professionals; supporting men and their families affected by prostate cancer through the resources at their disposal including support groups and Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses.

In conjunction with the Tooradin Sports Club, Hampers with Bite is proud to be able to contribute to this foundation and help to support the Australian men and their loved ones suffering from the effects of prostate cancer.

Helping Hands Mission Inc. was founded in 2007 to help drought affected residents of rural Victoria, who were needing access to inexpensive & quality clothing. Since then Helping Hands Mission has developed in to a not for profit organisation that helps thousands of people every week through the various programs, op shop and their community kitchens located throughout Melbourne.

Hampers With Bite has donated boxes of non-perishable gourmet food products to be provided to those in doing in tough in Melbourne.