February 3, 2021

How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

By HampersWithBite

Forget trying to create all your competitive advantages in your budgets or marketing department! One of your best and most valuable assets are your employees – unique to your business.
Here at Hampers With Bite we will be the first to admit the amount of small talk we’ve had about the companies we work for and the products or services they sell. Of course that’s not to mention the in depth conversations involving work as well. Whether it be over a drink or in a meeting, as casual or planned as a conversation about your business is, it is still a marketing tool!

‘Companies can often overlook the role employees have in generating brand awareness’

Naturally we focus on paid and planned marketing in business. Therefore you may not realise that collective word of mouth has a great impact on the reputations of business’! Companies can often overlook the role employees have in generating brand awareness. They also have a significant impact on influencing customers.
Here are our top tips in utilizing your employees and turning them into your greatest brand ambassadors

1. Unify the vision

Every company has a vision for their business. Making sure your employees understand and implement the same vision and mission for the business is key. Start by gaining a mutual understanding of ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’. If you asked every single employee the chances are they would recite it slightly differently. Unifying the business vision is a great way to ensure all employee word of mouth consolidated.

2. Sharing about the brand.

A common problem with employees talking and sharing about your business is their hesitation when it comes to social media. Rightfully so, there are plenty of horror stories where employers and social media accounts do not mix! In this instant we are talking about giving your employees permission to post certain information about your brand to further create brand awareness! It is as simple as making sure your employees are aware of what they can and cannot share. A social media policy is a great place to start.

3. Competition always motivates!

Creating a little competition to get your employees motivated is a great idea when announcing a new product or service! The more buzz surrounding a new launch the better. And a great way to do this is by encouraging your employees to post and share with a reward for the most ‘likes’ or ‘shares’!

4. Create engaging content!

It is one thing to ask employees to share your content, but inspiring them to do so with engaging content is much more effective. Exciting your staff with exciting and relevant content is a fantastic way to get your employees involved. It is also a key way to generate brand awareness!

5. Back to basics!

Uniforms may seem like the most simple idea for a business, but you would be surprised how overlooked it is. Our final idea is a great way to get your employees to be your best brand ambassadors. It does not have to be a complete uniform.  A lanyard, badge, scarf or even just a dress code is a great way to unify your staff and allow them to be easily recognised and associated with the brand.

We hope our guide to turning your employees into your greatest brand ambassadors helps grow your business! The win/win solutions are sure to generate brand awareness and increase staff morale and get them even more motivated about your brand!

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