February 3, 2021

Top Tips: How To Network Like a Pro

By HampersWithBite

Having a network of colleagues, mentors and relationships has become a much needed part of business today. Building on these relationships will help you spread the word about your abilities and create opportunities! Here is our list of the top tips to networking like a pro:

Business cards

It might be the most obvious way but they always help! Giving your business cards to potential clients, mentors, or even just family and friends helps get the word out there exactly how you want it. Include great design and it will be a card to remember!

Talk yourself up (in a good way)

Don’t be afraid of being proud of yourself! Nobody wants to do business with the person who isn’t sure or isn’t confident in their abilities. There is a fine line between that and being arrogant, but it is possible to be confident in yourself and spread the word that you’re good at what you do!

Use social media

LinkedIn is your new best friend. If you want to create real connections in your industry it helps to stay connected online. Notifications will keep you up to date with someones career and business movements.

Attend events

There are so many ways to network these days including attending events specifically for your area of business. Attending these helps to make you a familiar face. From there, inviting others out to drinks or coffees helps to build relationships in your industry.

Stay in touch

Frequency of communication can definitely help strengthen your relationships, and there are so many ways that you can keep in touch. A friendly email, a LinkedIn message, or quick phone call help connect you on a personal level.

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