February 3, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting an Epic Friendmas Celebration

By hampers

Work Christmas parties and end of year family catch-ups are fun, but there is nothing we look forward to more than a friends Christmas catch up. After the year 2020 has been, we don’t need an excuse to celebrate with our mates over various festive food and a few drinks. With only two weeks left till Christmas, and very little time to plan we have put together the ultimate guide to hosting an epic friendmas with your closest bunch of mates.

Decoration Are Essential

Christmas Table Setting

Christmas is the one time of year you can go all out for a table setting. Choose a colour scheme and stick with it! You can really go as classic and traditional or all-out tacky Christmas with heaps of novelty items. Decorating a Christmas table can be as easy as some festive napkins, name cards, Christmas baubles and few candles. Be sure to leave plenty of room for plates, cutlery and sauces you don’t want your friends going back and forth from the kitchen to collect anything.

Delegate The Food

Christmas Lunch

We should say Christmas is about spending time with the ones we love, but a close second is definitely the food! No other time is it appropriate to enjoy a large feast and proceed to unbutton the top button of your jeans for relief. A pot luck approach will save you many dollars and ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Avoid over catering by sending out a list of items or courses in the group message, and everyone can volunteer. Don’t forget our favourite part, dessert. If your friends lack skills in the kitchen, get your event catered to check on everyone’s dietary requirements.

Festive Cocktails

Christmas Cocktails

Should no party be without some alcoholic beverages? And Christmas has never been a better time to get a little fancy! We suggest coming with 3 easy cocktail recipes, keep it basic with 3-4 ingredients and let your friends shake up their own cocktails. Some of our favourite festive cocktails include

  1. Eggnog – bourbon, cream, cinnamon & milk
  2. Margarita – Tequila, lime juice & Cointreau
  3. Southside – gin, mint, line juice & sugar syrup

Secret Santa

Secret Santa, Kris Kringle (KK) gift exchange

Who doesn’t love to receive a gift? A secret Santa, Kris Kringle (KK) gift will ensure no one leaves you friendmas celebration empty-handed. Keep it fair by setting a limit or even a theme to keep it fun. “Joke KK” gifts are great, especially with a group of friends as what other group are people know you more than you closest besties. Why not take Christmas gifting to the next level by playing the white elephant game. It is quite simple, all you have to do is get everyone to pick a number from a hat to determine the gifting order. The first person selects a gift to unwrap, the next person can either open one of the unopened gifts or choose to steal a gift that has already been opened. This game can get quite exciting and all a bit of fun. 

Christmas Themed Playlist

Christmas Music

Love them or hate them, a playlist filled with Christmas classics and new festive hits will be sure to get everyone in the mood! These songs ar best played for gift time or even to speed up the cleaning up process. To start off you Christmas Music Playlist we have given you a few of our favourites below

  1. All I want for Christmas is you – by Mariah Carey (Duh!)
  2. Mistletoe by Justin Bieber
  3. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande
  4. White Christmas – Bing Crosby
  5. Christmas Is All Around – Billy Mack
  6. Last Christmas – Wham!
  7. Do They Know It’s Christmas – Band Aid
  8. Baby It’s Cold Outside – Dean Martin
  9. 8 Days of Christmas – Destiny’s Child
  10. Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

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