February 3, 2021

The Ultimate Employee Gifting Checklist

By hampers

Christmas is fast approaching, which means its time to sort out your end of year gifting and fast! No need to stress, we have put together a twelve step guide on how to organise your employee gifting. Hampers With Bite have been in the gifting game for over 16 years, so when it comes to gifting we are the experts.

1. Set a Budget

Set your gifting budget

This will help you determine your options, at Hampers With Bite, we have a hamper to suit every budget with hampers from $20 up to $1,000. Get the budget signed off by key stakeholders. 

2. Set a Delivery Date

Set the delivery date of your gifts

Set a date for when you want your recipients to receive their gift. Please note the 2020 pandemic has put incredible pressure on courier companies around Australia, so note that delivery delays are expected. We suggest setting your delivery date to at least four days earlier than your actual date to avoid disappointment. You will also need to determine if you wish to have your gifts delivered to all you recipient’s addresses or have all you hampers delivered to your office. If you are looking at getting this hampers couriered, account for additional costs. For information on Hampers With Bite delivery options click here.

3. List of Recipients

List your recipients to include in your Christmas gifting

List all your clients, customers & staff who you wish to say thank you to. Grouping these recipients will help to determine what type of gifts you want to to send them. You can get granular with this, creating subgroups for clients who have spent over a certain amount with your company. We recommend ordering a few extra gifts and plain gift cards in case any extras are added. It is also a good idea to determine if you are gifting the same gift to all, or tailored to the individual. 

4. Collate Dietary Requirements and Preferences

Collate dietary requirements, whether a person is allergic to nuts, vegan, gluten-free or paleo. It is also beneficial to find out their preferences in terms of alcohol. When it comes to your clients and customers you may have to guess, with a staff we recommend you send out an online survey to capture this information. From a survey, you will also be able to determine if it is appropriate to send alcohol as a gift. At Hampers With Bite, we have something for everyone, Wine Hampers, Champagne Hampers, Foodie gift boxes, Vegan options and Gluten-free gifts.

5. Do your Research

Look at different online gifting options or determine if you will source your gifts from multiple vendors and wrap in house. Seek help from colleagues on suggestions or ideas. It is best to take your time researching the best corporate gifts on the market. Things to look out for…

  • Good reviews
  • Quality products
  • Affordability & value
  • Choice, the more choice the better so everyone is catered for
  • Branding options, you want your gift to stand out from the rest
  • Ability to deliver to multiple addresses
  • An Early Bird Deal for getting bulk orders in early

6. Request a Quote

When you have your top three online gift companies based on the criteria above, reach out for quotes. Your quote should include the number of hampers, approximate delivery costs and corporate branding options. To request a quote from Hampers With Bite click here.

7. Corporate Branding

Work with the account manager at each online gift company to determine what corporate branding will work best for your gifts. Get your creative team to provide details on company colours, logos and company taglines if appropriate. Our friendly staff at Hampers With Bite include an in house graphic designer that create mock-ups of your branding options. Our sales team can also aid in the design of your corporate hampers if you don’t have your own team. For Hampers With Bites Corporate branding options click here.

8. Get Approval

Get approval from stakeholders on quotes, budget, branding and selection of gifts. You must also get approval on the design of corporate hampers from your creative team. Note there can be some back and forth, leave a sufficient amount of time for this, we recommend a couple of weeks. 

9. Collect Recipient Addresses

Collect addresses of all recipients. Addresses are best presented in an excel spreadsheet, ensure you spell check EVERYTHING. Get HR to send out a company email for everyone to update their address. 

10. Gift Card messages

Write your gift card messages, you can have a generic one for all, or you can split our gift messages up based on the groups you created in step two. If you have less than twenty gifts, you may wish to write personalised thank you cards. It would help if you got the gift card messages approved by senior stakeholders. Again, you should enter your gift message in an excel spreadsheet, allowing for a seamless ordering process. 

11. Place your Order

 Once approved by senior stakeholder, you should order your gift hampers. Many companies will have a bulk order form that allows you to upload your spreadsheets. You can find Hampers With Bite’s bulk order form here .If you follow this checklist, you should have your spreadsheets ready to go by this point. Place your order, including addresses, gift card messages and get your invoice off to your finance team to pay. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive a tracking link. 

12. Now you can Relax 

Sit back and relax as this year’s gifting has been outsourced and you are ready for Christmas. Utilising an online gift company, takes the pressure off ordering, wrapping and sending out your end of year gifts.  

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