February 3, 2021

A New Chapter In Life: Gifts For A New Home!

By HampersWithBite

During a time of new beginnings and bright futures it is time to celebrate! If someone you know has just made one of the greatest leaps and taken a big step into an exciting new life, what better way to celebrate than surrounded by family, friends and the best of gourmet food and wine. We love capturing the moment and helping you celebrate, read below to see our list of the best new home gifts for your family and friends!


This might be the most obvious of answers but guess what, they really are welcomed! If a new home has a stale smell or a newly renovated place still has a whiff of paint and plaster, candles are the way to go. Skip the Coles tealight candles and head straight to luxe. A gorgeous smelling, three wicked, glass jarred candle will last a long time and smell lovely!


Plants are a home wares essential that you don’t always think to buy for yourself. Bringing a little bit of greenery into a space can help to clear the air, add an organic touch, and make the vibe feel a little bit more homely all round. On the other hand, if you know they are a serial-plant-killer, a set of faux succulents might be the way to go.

Sound system

The perfect sound system is something every home needs. Even if you know it won’t be a party household, a little bit of soft dinner time music is always a relaxing experience! Nowadays speakers are smaller and sleeker than ever and a pocket sized boom box can be perfect for any space.

Settlement Hamper

Each of our unique Settlement Hampers are tastefully designed and presented to include a range of gourmet goodies. Help fill the new pantry with kitchen staples turned up a notch including chocolates, biscuits, nuts and other snacks. Send through hearty wishes with these genuinely delicious gifts they are sure to be happy to receive. With our wide range of settlement hampers you’ll be set for any housewarming parties or gifting to the lucky homeowners. Tastefully packaged in beautiful baskets, boxes and cases; delivered meticulously at the recipients’ doorstep, our Hampers With Bite settlement hampers are the perfect choice to celebrate this grand occasion. Our A Picture Of Home Hamper is perfect!

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