September 5, 2018

How To: Revamp Your Work Space!

By HampersWithBite

Most of us end up spending the majority of our weeks at our desks. That is why it is super important to create a space that you enjoy! Having friendly and welcoming surroundings always helps to promote productivity and boost morale at the work place. Even if your office space isn’t your own, adding a few personal touches to your desk can help you feel much more at home. Read below our top tips for revamping your work space!


Indoor plants are an amazing accessory to have in the office. Not only to look like an indoor jungle, but also to reap the health benefits! Plants at work really help to remove toxins and harmful compounds from the air around them, breathing fresh new oxygen into all around us! A subtle way to boost the mood.. add some green!


Let’s be honest, rummaging through a desk drawer full of rubbish desperately trying to find a piece of scrap paper is frustrating. It can also hinder the *obviously amazing* idea we had in the first place! Laying out useful and practical stationary at arm’s length will mean that no idea goes missing. Also… colour coordinating and rose gold accents will never go astray.

Natural light

Exposure to natural light has been directly linked to better workplace performance*. (We really do our research!) 35% of employees instantly identify an absence of natural light as a major concern of their office environment. This results in feelings of isolation, tension and frustration, none of which are wanted at work! If your building is really lacking in windows, make sure to schedule in some outdoor fresh-air time every couple of hours!


If you work in an office for an extended period you have probably perfected your 3:00 pm afternoon beverage. From a trusty cup of tea, to a perfectly poured latte, or a good old can of Coke, they are a necessity! Keeping these items stocked will keep employees hydrated and happy!


White boards, chalk boards, pin boards… oh my! Whatever way you brainstorm, let that be an addition to your work space! If it’s writing mind maps or pinning post-its, a dedicated space to brainstorming new ideas will help everything flow a little better.
*Study into the psychological aspects of lighting by B.L. Collins… yeah we referenced!
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