February 3, 2021

Q&A With Our Head of Sales: Aidan!

By HampersWithBite

Here at Hampers With Bite we thought it was time to introduce our amazing team! Our team is full of gourmet food aficionados, packaging experts, sales extraordinaires, and all round lovers of hampers. This close knit group work so hard to bring our clients and customers only the best of the best all year round, so let’s meet them!
First up it is none other than our reigning office table tennis champion, class clown and Head of Sales: Aidan!
Hi Aidan! Introduce yourself for us.
I’m Aidan and I work in sales here at Hampers With Bite!

What does sales entail?

At Hampers With Bites sales means that I manage all orders that come in through our website. I especially deal with our bulk orders and corporate relationships, aka companies that will work with us every year for their gifting needs. My priorities are to build relationships with clients and make sure their orders and beautiful every time!
I also work a lot on our customised hampers that include special add ons and extras.  My specialty is in corporate branding so if your company orders branded gifts through us they will work with me to make them picture perfect!

What is the hardest part about your job?

The fact that we are a seasonal business makes it a little tricky. We go from zero to one hundred super quickly!

What is the best part about your job?

When our customers receive their hampers and we then receive positive feedback is definitely the best. Seeing them happy with our outcome is a really good feeling. It is nice to follow the process with them. We especially have a lot of ongoing clients and building that trust and real relationship with them is awesome.

What is the most interesting party of your job?

Another great part is definitely the most interesting… we are constantly doing market research and competitor analysis which is so interesting! Going to seminars and conferences, having strategy meetings and brainstorms and much more. We want to know what is new in the market and if it works, we want to implement it!

What else do you do at Hampers With Bite?

Another task on my to-do list is managing our sales team around Christmas time each year, which for us is an amazingly busy time! This includes hiring staff, planning out their induction and working with them closely throughout the season to ensure we are on track and hitting our sales targets.

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