February 3, 2021

Plan The Perfect Office Party!

By HampersWithBite

Workplaces are generally the hub of sprouting friendships and consideration for each other. Since we all try to contribute towards the development and well being of our work place, in return, we also need to be recognized and appreciated for our efforts too. So, it’s very important to show our care and kindness to the people we work with, for we all are part of the same team. If a colleague of yours is coming back to work after a long leave it’s time to celebrate the occasion! Let’s discuss a few ideas for a welcome-back party you can throw for your coworker and show them that they are an important part of your team.


Lunch time is ideal for a small party. You could plan to have lunch outside or even bring homemade food at work to share! Invite close team-members to contribute by bringing home-cooked meals and share in the happiness with your team.

After-work dinner

You can also throw a dinner in honour of your colleague’s return. An after-work dinner helps you let go of any formalities and celebrate your colleague’s return. Booking a nice restaurant and find out your colleagues favourites and preferences!

Weekend party

You could arrange the welcome back festivities over the weekend. It opens up room for a lot of fun opportunities. You could also arrange some games and share small gift hampers to welcome your team-mate back. This would be a kind gesture to encourage them back into their work routine with ease.


What’s a more exciting way to cheer your colleague back to work life than by sharing great food and good booze?! You can plan it any time after work or even at the weekend. A barbeque makes for a relaxed environment to update your colleague about the work situation and progress.

Decorate their workstation

Being away from work and coming back to find their workplace adorned shows how much their peers care for them. You can add little welcome back notes or cards to the desk. Little goody bags or gift hampers for your colleague is also a great way to show your welcoming spirit.
You could plan any one of these parties and be sure that it’s a surprise for your coworker that brings a smile to their face and revives their courage to rejoin the work routine.
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