February 3, 2021

How To: Make Your Work Day Go Faster!

By HampersWithBite

There’s nothing worse than being bored. Sometimes we just need those sneaky distractions to get us through! Read below our favourite ways (read: life hacks) to make your work day go faster!

Social media

Everybody loves a cheeky scroll, and a 2 minute Instagram stalk or chuckle at a couple of memes will definitely put you in a better mood. It’ll also give your overworking brain a rest! You might even come back to a task with some new inspiration!

Check the office snack supply

An office must always be well-filled with goodies and snacks galore! Otherwise… what’s the point?! We want chocolate, tea and biscuits always! First step, check supplies. Second step, volunteer to do a snack run if supplies are low. (Also a great way to make sure your favourite are stocked.)

Perfect your office beverage

Most offices are filled with coffee machines and all kind of crazy kitchen gadgets. Hit up the kitchen with whatever syrups, sweeteners, and garnishes you can find to perfect your 3:00 PM beverage!

Revisit why you love your job

(PS: if you don’t, that’s a different story!) Take a minute to list the reasons why you took your current job and what you love about your position – the results may surprise you.

Start a great podcast

Headphone etiquette at work is tricky, but once you find that sweet spot you can fill your ears with plenty! There are so many great podcasts that will definitely help time fly.
Enjoy the fleeting moments of downtime, we all have deadlines to go back to at some point!

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