February 8, 2021

How To: Make a Work Anniversary Unforgettable!

By HampersWithBite

When your employees or fellow staff members hit a milestone it is worthy cause it celebrate! Recognising their efforts and loyalty will definitely help boost morale whilst having some fun. Here is our list of the best ways to celebrate work anniversaries!


Starting off small, verbal recognition or a hand-written note is a simple way to praise employees. This kind of praise can be especially helpful earlier in their career. By announcing the anniversary, this re-engages employees focus on their role, and can be the simple emotional lift they need to keep on going.

Gourmet snacks

Shouting your team an array of food and drinks is a great way to celebrate an individuals milestone whilst also encouraging team bonding. Getting your employees talking, and encouraging good times is always positive. A hamper like our Hampers with Bite Cheeseboard Entertainer is an easy way to put on a spread!

Flexible working hours

On a work anniversary it is nice to allow employees time to reflect and relax. This can be the ability to work remotely for the day, letting them enjoy some sunshine, or a short time of paid leave. This time each year can allow employees to reset their minds and walk back into their new work year rejuvenated, ready for what is ahead.

Celebratory drinks

Another simple gesture that means so much. Gifting a special bottle is a great way to show you remember and care for the anniversary whilst allowing them to enjoy it in their own time. Just like our The Bourbon Edition hamper, a delicious toast to your employee.

Further training or education

A great way to not only recognise your employee, but to help them grow within your company, is to provide the opportunity for further education or training. A ticket to an interesting and relevant conference, or helping them to take further study not only rewards your employee but also in the long run will benefit your business in expertise.
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