February 4, 2022

How to help a friend who is unwell | Caring through the pandemic

By Annie Brander

Being in insolation can be extremely challenging especially when the person who is sick also needs to care for others. As a friend, family member or colleague it can be difficult to know how best we can lend a hand, show support or provide some comfort. We have put together a list of ways you or simply brighten up someones day while they are isolating

How to help someone who is isolating

  1. Send them medical necessities

  2. Send them a healthy food delivery

  3. Send them a self care box

  4. Send them a food hamper


Ibuprofen, paracetamol, throat lozenges, masks and a thermometer. When someone is unwell it is also important to stay hydrated, we recommend stocking them up with electrolytes. It is really easy to drop off essentials without coming into contact with the infected person, we recommend popping everything in a carry bag and dropping it at their front door. You can always leave a note or send them a text to notify them.


Some people may have been organised and stocked up on food and drinks in the event they may fall ill. The danger in this, is any fresh produce or dairy products can either run out or go off. A delivery of essentials like bread, milk, coffee and some fresh fruit and vegetables to keep them going. When in the peak of their sickness, preparing a feel may be far too hard so some prepared meals are great to drop off to friends, family or colleagues. If you aren’t close by you can always send them a food delivery from Uber Eats or DoorDash.

Sent the relaxation snack hamper to a friend who was self-isolating to await her covid results. It was a much needed pick me up for someone who hasn’t been coping with the pandemic that well. If everyone who got tested got a hamper, I bet more people would stay home!



When you are feeling unwell it is really important to take some time to rest and recover. This why a self care hamper makes the most perfect gift to send a friend or relative who is unwell. People often ask what to include in a self care hamper? A Hampers With Bite Self Care gift includes items such as plush robes, aromatherapy candles, a calming diffuser and revitalising bath salt blends. We even include scented candles, goats milk soap and a jade roller Gua Sha set.


When you are not feeling your best it is nice to be checked in on by friends and family. When isolating it is difficult stay connected with people, especially when you have very low energy. A gourmet gift hamper is a great way for people to stay connected from afar. Hampers with Bite have a range of gourmet gift baskets and get well gift boxes you can send to friends, family or colleagues no matter where they live in Australia. Hampers With Bite offer fast, premium delivery options.



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