March 25, 2021

How To Return To Work Post Pandemic

By hampers

With the slowing of COVID-19 effects in Australia, more and more employees are returning to their offices after an arduous time at home. This return to work can seem daunting to many workers after many months of working from home. Employees may feel nervous about returning to the office as they are used to working from their house. It is important that employers feel comfortable and excited to get back to the office and there are a variety of options to help reduce this stress. Here are 4 tips to help ease the transition back to the work.

A Welcome Gift

To make your employees feel welcome and stress-free on their first day back, a welcome back gift could be a perfect idea. This can be an excellent way to distribute some branded merchandise that your employees will love to come into work too. Fill a box with all kinds of branded goodies such as chargers or stress balls. Shop over 20,000 promotional products at Promotions Warehouse.

A Return to Work Hamper

Nothing will help make the transition back to work as smooth as possible than a thoughtful and jam-packed hamper. Our new Return to Work range has a diverse selection of gift hampers that are sure to brighten up your employee’s first day back. Whether they have a major sweet tooth or a love to pamper themselves, we’ve got something for everyone. Shop our NEW Return to Work Hampers here.

Safe Return To Work Kit $75

Snacks For Employee Wellness 

Employee wellness is one of the largest contributors to productivity. The return to work can be hard for many employees as they try to adjust to working in the office again. To make them feel at home, consider snacks as a way to boost workers moods and help get them through their first week. Shop a variety of healthy snack box options here.

Products For Wellbeing and Security

With the effects of COVID-19 still looming overhead, many workers may still be hesitant to return to work. It is important to help reduce any stress on employees by having essential sanitary supplies on hand in the office. These should include things such as facemasks and hand sanitizer that will help make employees feel safe at work during this pandemic.

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