January 27, 2021

A Gift Guide to Buying for Grandmothers

By HampersWithBite

When we think of our grandmother’s we can all agree their love compares to no other. We can always count on them for the most scrumptious homemade baked goods, or being our #1 supporter on the sidelines or even for just a big warm hug.

Treating the most special people in our lives, g-ma’s included!

Buying for Grandparents usually results in a trip down the chocolate aisle, to the bookstore or to the florist! All of which are genuine and appreciated gifts but often are overdone. So time to retire the old and get in with the new ideas!
Here at Hampers With Bite we are all about treating the most special people in our lives, g-ma’s included! To show our love we have created a guide to help buy the best gifts for Grandmothers!

Take the cake!

‘The way to one’s heart is through their stomach’ said everyone, ever. So why not start thinking about gifts with food. Our Sweet Selection Basket takes the cake with a range of nibbles sure to cure a sweet craving. Perfect for sharing for an afternoon tea the hamper comes presented in a linen lined metal basket with rose gold handles and decorative tissue. Filled with biscuits, snack mix, lollies and tea this hamper is sure to melt grandma’s heart (and mouth!).

Warm their heart!

Now we’re not sure about you guys, but we have never met a grandmother who doesn’t beam of pride whenever they’re talking about their family and in particular their grandchildren. This is where our next present warms the heart, literally and metaphorically! Why not take up a typical g-ma pass time and knit a scarf or beanie for your lovely grandmother. They will cherish a hand made present forever and wear it with joy in hope for bragging rights when asked where they got it!

Quality over quantity!

At the end of the day, the most important thing is spending quality time with loved ones. Why not dedicate the afternoon to going for a stroll in the park with your grandma. Or spend your Sunday driving her to the botanical gardens. Cost effective and enjoyed by both parties, this little treat will have both you and your grandma smiling from ear to ear.

Every gift given, made or presented with love is a gift to be treasured! We hope our guide helped you decide on the perfect gesture for your grandma!

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