June 7, 2017

End of Financial Year Gift Ideas

By HampersWithBite

If you have been paying attention to the seasons changing, the weather getting cooler, and the leaves beginning to fall, you should be aware that the end of financial year is just about on our doorstep. The financial year ends in Australia on the 30th June, so that gives you just under a month to sort out some gifts for your most valued employees. 

Luckily, you need not look further than Hampers with Bite for the most heart-warming gifts, thanks to the list we have prepared. We have a whole range of gift baskets that include chocolate and sparkling wine, all the way to some salty snacks and refreshing beer. These hampers are bound to keep your employees satiated while they sort out their taxes.

Congratulations Ice BucketTo show your appreciation, a bottle of bubbles is usually a safe bet. Nothing says “celebration!” like popping the cork on a bottle of Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir from our Congratulations Ice Bucket Deluxe Hamper. It would be rude not to ‘cheers’ your glass and congratulate each other over a bubbling champagne flute.

If your employees prefer something a little more ‘manly’ we have you covered all bases. We stock a range of hampers which feature beer as their alcoholic beverage. We have the Cooler Bag of Beers Hamper which features 6 Crown Lagers or the ‘Cooler Bag Deluxe Hamper’ which includes a range of craft beers for your hipster-folk employees. The hamper is delivered in a cooler bag which is a perfect little keep-sake after the goods are devoured.

Our alcoholic Hampers start at just $30, because even a small gesture shows immense appreciation.

If alcohol is really not your forte, Hampers with Bite also provides a range of Gourmet HaSweet Temptationsmpers to spoil all your hard workers at the office. You can order a hamper full of liquorice, popcorn, chocolate, and nuts in The Premium Gift Hamper. However, if these salty snacks don’t start you salivating, you also welcome to order a deeply indulgent chocolate hamper such as the Sweet Surprise Gift Hamper. This sweet treat hamper features an alluring range of chocolates including Ferrero Rocher, Connoisseur Collection Chocolate Espresso Biscuits, Toblerone, and more. This is definitely a safe bet, because who doesn’t love chocolate?

If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend ordering a gift basket for the whole office to take a share in. What could be more fun than celebrating the end of financial year as a team?

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