April 3, 2019

Donations Make The World Go Round – Foodbank Australia

By HampersWithBite

Hunger in the country is a big problem, with many solutions that everyday people can work to be a part of. Here at Hampers With Bite we contribute by donating our left over food stock to Foodbank Australia. Their nation-wide work being Australia’s largest food relief organisation involves moving food from the ‘pantry to the charitable sector’, in hope to help the 4 million Australians who have experienced food insecurities.

Last year the work by Food Bank donated 77 million meals to Aussie’s that would have otherwise gone hungry. Relying on the generosity of Australian’s to help other Australians, Foodbank tackle both hunger and food waste through their work by not only plays a leading role in fighting hunger in Australia, but also a “vitally important role in tackling Australia’s $20 billion food waste problem.”

Of course, we are big believers in treating ourselves (and others) and reflect that throughout our products, often bought as gifts. So, it makes it only more rewarding to know that product and stock that unfortunately does not get used in our hampers can be enjoyed by those seeking assistance as well!

In spite of Food Bank’s amazing efforts, they estimate that they need 50% more food to provide enough to cater for all that need it. Working closely with over 2,500 charities and 2,000 schools who use relief in their programs,

Food Bank also accept donations from business’ with overstock or mass food production waste.

The mass problem requires a coordinated response, lead by Food Bank.

They partner with many people, organisations and charities to help as many people in need as they can. We have been donating to Food Bank for a few years and would encourage any business or people experience food waste to do the same! Last Christmas Hampers With Bite donated 10 palettes of food to the non-profit organisation.

The Hampers With Bite community feel strongly towards creating a better future for all, with our focus being feeding Australians through Foodbank, as this is one way we can help for the greater good. Head over to Foodbank to find out how you can help and learn more!

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