October 28, 2019

Corporate Gifting: What you should know

By HampersWithBite

Here’s what you need to know all about corporate gifting.

In today’s ever increasing virtual communication and interactions, keeping the gift giving trend alive can be quite challenging and needs some considerations. Presenting with the perfect gifts has proven to be a significant business tool. But what to consider to make this trend as your ticket to adequate show of respect or a successful advertisement of your services to potential clients.
With a number of gift varieties available in stores or online, people get confused as to what should be the most considerate way of showing your respect at workplace. That is why, we bring you the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of corporate gifting.

Why do you want to send it?

There is always a purpose of a gift. There is nothing you can’t say with an appropriate present. While we think of gifts as being only associated with birthdays or anniversaries, they have their own special place in the corporate world as well. To express your gratitude for your employee’s dedication, to strengthen your bond with clients or to extend a hand to new customers, gifts are the best way to polish your work life.

Personalise them to take a step further:

Sending personalised gifts can be a real demonstration of your attention to detail. Not only will it be the ideal reflection of your respect but also make your clients and colleagues feel special. Customise the hamper according to the liking of the recipient and pair up any snacks under the sky. The addition of a bottle of sparkly drink could spice up your relation with your work family. Personalising a hamper shows how much thought you put in it and gives off positive vibes. It might take you a while to finally figure out what your clients need, but getting them something they’ll absolutely love will make it all the more special.

Stay within your budget:

No matter how much of an extra mile you’re willing to go, don’t exceed your spending limit. Set up a budget and start looking for hampers that fall within the category. If you wish to make promotions by sending gifts to your clients, then you might want to expand your budget. The other important factor is the timing. It is traditional to send gifts during the holiday season, but business world doesn’t have such boundaries. You may send or receive gifts according to your liking or at the time of corporate events.

What do you want to give?

Giving gifts can be stressful but you should enjoy the process. After all, your excitement and happiness can be a huge factor in choosing something that will reflect your emotions. Add your company banner to say your heart out with just a basket and personalize the hamper according to the recipient’s interests. Go for gourmet hampers to express your thanks in the most expressive way. Take a look at our gift hampers here.

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