June 8, 2017

Chocoholics, Take note this Christmas!

By HampersWithBite

Christmas means many foods, however you can never go wrong with chocolate. Chocolate is an all round favourite, and if you’re unsure on what to gift a colleague, friend, or family member, just remember, we stock chocolate hampers!

Congratulations Ice BucketThe ‘Congratulations Ice Bucket Deluxe Hamper’ is a perfect way to celebrate the festive season. The hamper includes a bottle of Deakin Azahara Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV Murray Darling and an assortment of Chocolatier Pure Indulgence and Lindt chocolates. The hamper is displayed in a Golden Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with decorative Tissue & Ribbon.

If this all seems to golden and doesn’t feature enough chocolate, we also provide a hamper solely for our chocoholics. The ‘Sweet Surprise Gift Hamper’ contains Lindt, chocolate bullets, Connoisseur chocolate, chocolatier chocolate, Toblerone, and Cookies. Included in the gift are all the chocolates that make the world go round. If you know someone who thrives on the energy from their massive sweet tooth, this is the Christmas gift for them. The Sweet Surprise Gift Hamper is presented in a gift box with glossy wrapping, tissue, and decorative ribbon.

If you’re a die-hard chocolate fan, you need to take a ‘Dreams Come True Gift Hamper’ to a party this Christmas season, because of course you need to try the goods yourself. You could gift this goodness to a sibling, best friend, or family member, but in all honesty this hamper is too good to give away. The hamper not only includes a Tempus Two Pewter Shiraz, but also an assortment of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, choc-chip cookies, and chocolate marshmallow sauce. We weren’t lying when we said, Dreams Come True.

Red Temptations

If you’re looking for something chocolate based but don’t want to indulge too far, ‘The Red Temptations Hamper’ is perfect. This is the kind of festive hamper you should take to a small Christmas gathering with a group of your closest friends. This hamper includes Deakin Vine Vale Shiraz Wine to pair with the chocolate biscuits andassorted Pure Indulgence chocolates. However, the hamper does include some parmesan wafers, ginger thins, and spicy peanuts to cut through the sugary goodness of chocolate. There’s definitely something for everyone in this particular hamper. 

Magic MoetIf you’re one to celebrate Christmas in style, you should head to the top of our range an purchase ‘The Golden Moet Magic Hamper.’ The box is of course gold and black and contains a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne NV. it also includes 24 Ferro Rocher balls. This hamper is simply divine and should be gifted to some one truely deserving. 

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