February 3, 2021

How can gift hampers help corporate branding?

By HampersWithBite

Let’s have a look at how can you advertise your brand through gift hampers.

Changing company cultures have taken a new road to consideration and care for clients and corporate gifts are a huge part of it. Not only do they promote a binding of elevated trust and loyalty, but these also mark as a successful advertising strategy. But, how can gift baskets play their part in branding? Well, we will show you some of the most amazing gift hampers perfect to uplift your company’s image and have a positive impact on your clients, permanently.

Customized gift boxes and crates:

No matter what you choose to give, the first impression is made by the packaging it comes in. That is why using branded packaging makes a strong first impression on your client. Moreover, upon receiving the hamper and opening it in front of your family and friends, branded packages act as an advertisement board and speak for your brand in a loud and clear voice, earning you a huge exposure in return. You may choose the packaging style up to your liking and get it adorned with your logo in vibrant colours. From encouraging messages to printed images, this customized gift box is an excellent choice to show your respect and gratitude to a long term dedicated employee.

Use promotional items:

The best way to show your respect to your colleagues and boss is by giving them promotional items because they showcase your attention to detail and bring about a positive impression of you. Promotional products can be of daily use and have high practicality. Such small items of high functionality can make your brand a part of your client’s daily routine and strengthen your bonds with them furthermore. Having strong trust and loyalty relations with your customers earns you more exposure and referral rate. Use the opportunity to stun your clients on any special occasion by handing them promotional products in a branded box. So that, whenever they use them, they are reminded of your sincere and passionate services. From small and simple items like pens or mugs to highly complex tech products, you can go for any item that suits your budget and business goals.

Corporate ribbons and gift cards:

Adorning your gift in a branded box with corporate ribbons can become a huge hit and absolutely nail your gifting strategy. They are a comprehensive reflection of your meticulousness. Apart from that, you need to make your gift extra special by adding a complementary gift card in the box. The little message of encouragement and appreciation can go a long way down the road and earn you huge profits later. It is an ideal way to showcase your professionalism and consideration, attracting new customers. A personalised message and a thoughtful gift is an impactful combination and an effective part of your branding strategies.
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